There are elk on the moon


According to Jimmy and other conspiracy theorists, the whole landing on the moon thing was unreal, as in it didn’t happen: NASA staged the whole thing. Personally I don’t buy into that outrageous allegation. Why would anyone not trust the government? Ridiculous.

Now before you go on accusing me of being a lemming and having blind faith in our leaders, rest assured I do have my doubts. For example I do not subscribe to the assertion that there is a man in the moon, or that the moon is made of Swiss cheese.

Not real.

Not real.

But I do believe that astronauts are not the only humans to have walked on the moon.


I’m on the fence about whether or not a cow really jumped over the moon, but I am dead certain that a cow elk walked on the moon. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

For real.

If an elk did it, certainly mankind did too. Sorry, Jimmy, I think you’re full of hot air.


  1. Mike Sepelak

    Like a big pizza pie…

    • Kirk Werner

      Reminds me of a song…

  2. Erin Block

    That’s amore…
    (Sorry, Mike got me going on a song kick there.)

    • Mike Sepelak

      Entirely intended… 🙂

    • Kirk Werner

      Erin, don’t be so weak. Stand by your own resolve. Do not give in to the likes of Mike- he’s a bad influence.

  3. Jimmy

    Hey– Did I leave my lucky Tin foil fishing hat in the fish taco ?
    Six maned moon landings in three years with computing power of a microwave oven……Come on. But, I have seen a cow elk walk on the moon.
    I am onto bigger conspiracy theories now….. like why guys keep dumping Jennifer Aniston and Sophia Vergara? Brook trout in the firehole?

    • Kirk Werner

      Come on, Jimmy– you sound paranoid! Let me ask you one question: If they didn’t land on the moon, then why Spacefood Sticks? Huh? Answer THAT, smart guy! FYI, there are no brook trout in the Firehole. We know that. As for the other subject matter, it’s up for future debate and speculation. I feel a DQ Burger coming on…

  4. Goosemaster

    I’ve seen the Ho Hum in the snow and been ’round some fly poles.
    I’ve even pontificated to a shout.
    But I’ve done seen ’bout everything
    When the Firehole spits out a Brook trout.

    • Kirk Werner

      You never cease to amaze me, Goose. All this time I thought you were a pipe fitter, come to find out you’re a poet.

  5. Sanders

    The elk is the only proof we need…but Jimmy’s right, there are bigger fish to fry, Jennifer Aniston keeps getting dumped. Somethings amiss…

    • Kirk Werner

      It requires considerable speculation.

  6. cofisher

    Sorry I’m so late to the pizza party…did I miss Perry Como? Anyway, I hope you guys that spotted that elk on the moon remembered to wipe your feet before you went into the house.

    • Kirk Werner

      I’m afraid you did miss Perry Como, but then again, don’t we all miss him?

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