moon landing conspiracy

There are elk on the moon


According to Jimmy and other conspiracy theorists, the whole landing on the moon thing was unreal, as in it didn’t happen: NASA staged the whole thing. Personally I don’t buy into that outrageous allegation. Why would anyone not trust the government? Ridiculous.

Now before you go on accusing me of being a lemming and having blind faith in our leaders, rest assured I do have my doubts. For example I do not subscribe to the assertion that there is a man in the moon, or that the moon is made of Swiss cheese.

Not real.

Not real.

But I do believe that astronauts are not the only humans to have walked on the moon.


I’m on the fence about whether or not a cow really jumped over the moon, but I am dead certain that a cow elk walked on the moon. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

For real.

If an elk did it, certainly mankind did too. Sorry, Jimmy, I think you’re full of hot air.