I’m a bit perplexed.

Since when have fly fishing publications included vehicles as part of their gear reviews? That’s a rhetorical question because, according to the latest issue of Fly Rod & Reel,  the answer would be, “right now”. You see, in the first issue of the New Year, one of the features is Tackle Guide 2016 and one of the featured bits of recommended gear (for bass fishing, mind you) is The Ride.


My perplexion doesn’t stop there.

The Ride is a Toyota Sienna Minivan, and whomever wrote the article said this about the vehicle in question:

“Tons of cool factor.”


Stop. Right. There.

Since when have mini vans been considered, in any way, cool? Um, since never.  In my world minivans are at the top of the list when it comes to un-cool, as evidenced by the Top 6 Stupidest Fly Fishing Cars review I did a few years ago. Mind you I have ridden to Yellowstone and back no fewer than 4 times in a mini van, and while I will admit they are deserving of adjectives such as ‘roomy’ and ‘comfortable’,  ‘cool’ would never factor into that description. When it comes to cool, minivans are right up there with the Toyota Prius.

Then again, I’m not a bass fisherman so maybe I’m missing something.