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Here are samples of freelance articles I’ve written. I must admit that there’s a certain sense of accomplishment to have something actually printed in ink. The pay isn’t great, but it’s better than what I get paid to write my blog. These are PDF files which will download automatically when clicked.  Thanks for looking.

I’m particularly proud of this particular article, written for and about my friend, Rich Schaaff.  Rich asked me to write the article to accompany a series of photographs to be featured in the issue of George Douglas’ Kype Magazine. After the article was written, but before it was published, Rich passed away after a very brief bout with cancer.  I felt more honored than ever to have had the chance to get to know Rich better during the course of writing this article. The editors of the magazine paid tribute to Rich by featuring his photography on the cover and throughout the magazine.  A nice tribute to a wonderful guy and a talented photographer who was taken from us too soon. Thank you, Rich. This is Volume 3, issue 1 of Kype Magazine, 2010.

I conducted this interview for Fly Rod & Reel online. Fred Blessing is the son of the late Russ Blessing, originator of the Woolly Bugger. It was a privilege to get to know Fred, and through him, Russ. The Woolly Bugger needs no introduction.

This article was written about one of my favorite places to fish, the St. Joe River in Idaho. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a guest of the St. Joe Outfitters on two different occasions, and look forward to the next time I’m able to go back. The article was published in the Spring 2010 issue of Fly Rod & Reel magazine.
Fly Rod & Reel Spring 2010

This is a guest article I wrote for Sage’s blog, The Current. It’s titled, The Last Steelhead.
The Current Sage Blog 11.7.2011


  1. Dustin Pond

    I read the article on the St. Joe’s and it captivated me. Thanks for the great read and for pointing that stream out to me.

  2. Nick

    Wow man, great stuff. A genuine pleasure to read and a good model for an aspiring writer.

    • Kirk Werner

      While appreciated, you are too kind, sir. I’m nothing more than an aspiring writer myself. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look around.

  3. Seth Norman

    Dear Kirk Werner,

    Half-way through a “Master of Meander” column I write for –this one prompted by an Fly Fishers in Business LinkedIn discussion that ran “Fly Fishing vs Golf”–I found reference to your “Fly fishing and Golf: Kindred Spirits?”

    Got a huge kick out of this. While my own essay focuses a gimlet eye on fly-fishing as a business Tool (“Close Sales with a Cast!”), I’d like to include quotes from “Kindred,” attributed to you with reference to your site. If that’s acceptable, let me know if you’d like me to limit this to a certain number words.

    If not, that’s fine. (You never know.) Either way, and not as a quid pro quo, I hope when you publish an adult book about fly fishing it’s as funny as “Kindred,” and that you’ll send it for consideration by Fly Rod & Reel, another classy rag for which I write reviews. If I can dredge down to 2010 issues, I’ll look for your interview of Fred Blessing.



    • Kirk Werner

      Seth, you have an email from me. Thanks.

  4. Charles Cantella

    Hello Kirk Werner!
    Nice collection of articles you have. Really enjoyed reading about the St. Joe River and Rich Schaaff. Looking forward to reading the others tomorrow.
    Charles Cantella

  5. Ron PEtrace

    Hey Kirk,

    They are right .. Good Stuff!

    I used to live in Idaho. South fork of the Boise – Silver Creek , Anyway moved to California and got hooked on Surf fishing. Now I am going to try Surf Fly Fishing.

    Thanks for the motivation.


    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks for the kind word, Ron. I’ve never done any sort of surf fishing, let along surf fly fishing. Not sure how I could have motivated you, but hey—I’ll take credit for it!

  6. Leslie

    I had no idea you were published so many times… I’m very impressed! I mean, I knew you were one seriously awesome person, but I didn’t know you were quite THIS awesome.

    • Kirk Werner

      You’re being far too kind and generous with your praise. Anyone can get published (I’m living proof) 😉

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