Kim Jong Angler?

Kim Jong Un is upset. With the current tensions emanating from the Korean Peninsula, one has to wonder if perhaps Kim Jong Un might benefit from a little chill time—perhaps a few days off to do a bit of reflecting on the situation at large. A time out, as it were. Maybe even do a little angling.

Assuming of course that the benevolent leader of North Korea does partake of recreational fishing, one must ponder the type of angler he is. It’s safe to assume that His Omnipotence sees himself as a skilled fisherman; a rather accomplished angler, if you will.

As he sees himself: Kim Jong Accomplished


But given the fact that the North Korean regime has a reputation for speaking in less than truthful ways, we would not be remiss if we were to suppose that the Boy Leader is considerably less accomplished as an angler than he sees himself (most of us are, right?).

As he really is: Kim Jong Un-accomplished


Welcome to the club, Kim Jong Un-accomplished. Let’s send him a sticker.

UA stickers arriving soon via US Air Mail.



  1. Mike Sepelak

    HA!!!! I think we’ve just found our new Secretary of State.

    • Kirk Werner

      I appreciate the vote of confidence, Mike. However I’d never pass the background check.

  2. Chuck Atkins

    In the far recesses of my simian brain is a conservative warmonger that hopes this idiot shoots a missile at Guam or Hawaii. Then one of our many submarines that is surely sitting of the coast of Korea will blow him off the face of the earth! It’s a fantasy that after I have a drink tonight and kiss my wife I will be ashamed of!

    • Kirk Werner

      Those are some beautiful words you’ve typed out, Chuck…

  3. Howard Levett

    I’d like to see The Idiot Un put his money where his mouth is. Unfortunately we wouldn’t see it unless someone has a toilet cam. And Kirk, nobody beats the original Un…nobody.

    • Kirk Werner

      With the popularity of the Go-Pro, I think nothing is out of the relms of possibility. Not sure I want to see that particular footage, though.

  4. goosemaster

    Kirk, you have breeched the wall of the subjects that are taboo in polite conversation, politics. I agree with Chuck, blow him off the map.

    On a lighter note in a short amount of time the infamous Firehole Rangers will once again ride the range on the annual pilgrimage east to Jellystone Park. Wind, snow, bison, elk, Yogi and Bullwinkle. Oh yes, who can forget the beautiful Ho Hum Hotel with the ever present smell of cat piss wafting thru the air. I can hardly wait.

    • Kirk Werner

      Politics? What? This is just a fly fishing blog, sort of. And yes indeed, greatly looking forward to when the Rangers ride again!

  5. Mysticfish

    As bold as Kim Jong Un is, I think he should take up flats fishing for sharks while wading with cut bait. That would accomplish something.

    • Kirk Werner

      And let’s strap a Go-Pro on him while he’s there…

  6. Gin Clear

    Glad to see you found a new side biz, Kirk. Supplying Raytheon with advanced dictator fish finding tech?

    • Kirk Werner

      Just a side gig to help pay the blog hosting fees 🙂

  7. Ronnie Safreed

    I read somewhere that the common North Korean cannot learn music, only the elites of the communist party can! I also heard from an American man who defected to N.K. in 1962 while in the U.S. army on the dmz say individual fishing is illegal !!!! One has to be in a so called fishing club !!!!! It seems that any activity one wants to do has to be controlled by the nanny state!!!! It seems you also have to be once again part of the communist party to even fish !!!!!

  8. Turnip Truck Driver

    Obviously Kim did not learn his fishing skills from a capitalist guide, instead of arms fully extended note the modest vanity pose photograph. He better not try that on the Madison.

    • Kirk Werner

      Could it possibly be that his T-Rex arms are so short (and hands so small) that there’s really no such thing as a ‘long arm’ shot for him? Thanks for pulling the Turnip Truck to the side of the road and taking time to comment.

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