Niether much fishing nor blogging

Just the beginning of runoff…

I used to feel guilty for having missed a week of blog entrying. I also used to have withdrawals if I went too long between fishings.

Well, the latter hasn’t changed, and I’m going nearly crazy for lack of fishing. Rivers, that is. I prefer river fishing.  I could figure out a way to fish the salt for searrun cutthroats, or I could visit any number of local lakes that have been recently stocked and opened for fishing.

But I prefer river fishing.

So two weeks ago I went river fishing. Going in we knew conditions would be less than stellar, but we needed to fish. We encountered a Yakima River that was high and rising, off-color, a bit windy, and mostly fishless; fairly typical Spring fishing on the Yakima, Washington’s only Blue Ribbon Trout Stream.  4,000 CFS is the typical sustained summertime flow, and on this day the river was around 3,600. So it wasn’t all that high—just higher than it had been recently.

But the sun was shining, and we did hook into 4 fish and one was landed. Not by me, but by Morris the Rookie Firehole Ranger. Marck and I each played with fish but failed to seal the deal. Oh well.  It was a good day that included a burger and cold beer at The Brick Saloon in Roslyn on our way home.

Rowing the Hornet so Marck could not catch fish.

Now the Yakima is completely gone, as in headed upwards of 7ooo CFS. Fishing it would be a waste of gas.

But I need to fish. I may have to take my Watermaster out of mothballs and go visit a local lake. It’s getting that bad.

As for blog entrying, I don’t mind missing a week. Or two. Or three.

Nor do I suspect any of you mind, either.


  1. Howard Levett

    I beg to differ with you sir but I look forward to every one of your blog posts. You’re sharp as a tack and devilishly average. I think we’re related somehow.

    • Kirk Werner

      Howard, the only people who need call me sir are Mrs. UA and my children. They don’t of course, but they should. Glad to keep such fine company with you, sir.

  2. Mysticfish

    I knew it. Howard is your doppelganger blogger. Beware…

    “Often, the repressed aspect of the psyche that the double represents must be confronted and ultimately defeated in order for it to go away.”

    • Kirk Werner

      Many confuse me with Howard. Other than me being slightly not as tall, we’re dead-ringers.

      • Howard Levett

        That’s right! My wife calls us doppelringers.

  3. Mrs UA

    Howard is right, you are devilishly average… or maybe sharp as a tack, it’s debatable. !! :)hehe

    • Kirk Werner

      Thank you, my pet. That is perhaps one of the nicest things you’ve said to me, recently.

  4. Patrick

    …or maybe devilishly tacky?

    I, for one, have come to the conclusion that sometimes — and don’t tell the missus — sometimes the fishing ends up as a means to a good beer and/or a good meal with fishing buddies.

    • Kirk Werner

      Many would agree about the devillishly tacky label, including my wife. Like an affinity for cheap beer, poor taste in clothing runs in my DNA. Just ask look at my dad.

  5. Chuck Atkins

    if ya miss a blog because you were fishing……that is completely acceptable of coarse! Now is the that time of year where I resort to carp fishing the flats with a fly rod! I used to perceive as a less than admirable pursuit…, everyone wants me to take them with me!

    • Kirk Werner

      I’m not quite there yet, but not for any good reason. Just haven’t made that jump. Yet.

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