Kim Jong Un is upset. With the current tensions emanating from the Korean Peninsula, one has to wonder if perhaps Kim Jong Un might benefit from a little chill time—perhaps a few days off to do a bit of reflecting on the situation at large. A time out, as it were. Maybe even do a little angling.

Assuming of course that the benevolent leader of North Korea does partake of recreational fishing, one must ponder the type of angler he is. It’s safe to assume that His Omnipotence sees himself as a skilled fisherman; a rather accomplished angler, if you will.

As he sees himself: Kim Jong Accomplished


But given the fact that the North Korean regime has a reputation for speaking in less than truthful ways, we would not be remiss if we were to suppose that the Boy Leader is considerably less accomplished as an angler than he sees himself (most of us are, right?).

As he really is: Kim Jong Un-accomplished


Welcome to the club, Kim Jong Un-accomplished. Let’s send him a sticker.

UA stickers arriving soon via US Air Mail.