Winter Fly Fishing Body Condom

“Hope you enjoy the entire fly fishing season with these insulated rubber fishing waders.”

Don’t ask me how I found THIS eBay listing. I stumbled upon it while honestly looking for something else. Something else very important, I think.

Whatever the case may be, discovering this beauty made my day.  The bummer is that international shipping from Australia would make this purchase cost prohibitive, so unfortunately I will not be the envy of all Pacific Northwest steelhead fly anglers this winter. Damnit.

I’m concerned that the eBay listing will expire before many get a chance to marvel at the potential this item as a winter steelhead fishing outfit, so I have captured some of the photos and captions to share with you.

Please enjoy, and remember: you can customize this suit with enforced groin.

A flattering fit for all body types.


No felt soles to transport invasives!

Integrated gloves for ease of line handling.


  1. Chuck Atkins

    Looks like an old survival suit they used on boats in the north sea! Either that or one of those S&M suits like I saw in the movie Pulp Fiction…..except for a really obese guy!

    • Kirk Werner

      Chuck, I have no idea what you’re referring to. This is a fly fishing suit. Says so right in the ad copy. Don’t try to turn this into something it’s not.

  2. aileen

    Enforce the groin costs extra? WTH! This would be perfect for fly fishing the Los Angeles River.

    • Kirk Werner

      Removing the gloves and replacing with a sealed wrist costs extra, too. It makes no sense. But I want one. I could travel the country fishing some of the most polluted rivers in quest of the big brown trout…

      • aileen

        ..or for CARP – if you dare enter the LA River. But then again, David Wratchford fishes there. Perhaps he should purchase this.

        • Kirk Werner

          I think David definitely needs one.

  3. Jason

    Kirk- that is way too funny. It’s a good thing this one is adjustable in the neck, as fatalities have been reported in the non-adjustable models. You should work out a deal to be the distributor, or find out if they send them to bloggers to test. I think we could come up with some fiendish uses for them.

    • Kirk Werner

      I cannot tell you how excited I was when I stumbled upon this, only to have my dreams deflated when I realized the cost. But Howard has suggested a solution. Imagine the fun we could have with one of these…although I think I would want to be first on the list and not next to last as I was with the Fall River rod…;)

  4. Howard Levett

    I checked and they have 10 currently available. I’m thinking that maybe Rebecca or Joe could initiate a contact with them and we do a product review for OBN. Of course we would need a regular-size person to give it a go.

    • Kirk Werner

      Now you are onto something, Howard. The OBN has buying power and the ability to influence. Rebecca? Joe? You listening?

  5. aileen

    I do have a few more questions.

    1) Can you fill this with air and seal it while wearing it? I’m always falling in the river – this may well save my life someday.
    2) How flexible are the gloves – will I be able to tie a bloodknot? Or will Rachel have to lick my line again?

    • Kirk Werner

      Aileen, I think, if it were air tight, it would cut off circulation at the neck, which would be not a good thing. I suggest water wings, or stop falling down. As for the gloves, I think the best thing to do is encourage Rachel to continue doing what she does best.

  6. Chuck Atkins

    Yeah ……..if these are legit waders they are the HASMAT version !

  7. Michael in Seattle

    Is it just me, or does the guy in the example photos look a lot like Tom Rosenbauer? Is this some early test marketing on a new SonicSeam body suit?

    • Kirk Werner

      I think we may be here all day—perhaps even longer—waiting for Rosenbauer to chime in and answer this question.

  8. Royal Wulff aka Mike

    ….sure am hoping you received one of these for xmas. For all our sakes. Or perhaps a battle bonnet? 😉

    Merry Christmas Werner family! mike

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