New Rubber FISHING WADER WATERPROOF SUIT (with hat and gloves)

Winter Fly Fishing Body Condom

“Hope you enjoy the entire fly fishing season with these insulated rubber fishing waders.”

Don’t ask me how I found THIS eBay listing. I stumbled upon it while honestly looking for something else. Something else very important, I think.

Whatever the case may be, discovering this beauty made my day.  The bummer is that international shipping from Australia would make this purchase cost prohibitive, so unfortunately I will not be the envy of all Pacific Northwest steelhead fly anglers this winter. Damnit.

I’m concerned that the eBay listing will expire before many get a chance to marvel at the potential this item as a winter steelhead fishing outfit, so I have captured some of the photos and captions to share with you.

Please enjoy, and remember: you can customize this suit with enforced groin.

A flattering fit for all body types.


No felt soles to transport invasives!

Integrated gloves for ease of line handling.