Say what?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Pacific wild steelhead are facing troubled times: Loss of habitat, over-harvest and fisheries mismanagement are all contributing factors to the decline of this West coast icon.

In order to stop the decline and save these fish from the brink of extinction, we need to understand the issues. Information is powerful medicine.

Wild Reverence “The Plight of the American Wild Steelhead” chronicles one of the most sought after fish on the planet and the severe decline of wild populations with hope and solutions for a wild future.

I was fortunate to see a sneak preview of the film a few months ago at a gathering hosted by the Wild Steelhead Coalition, and I cannot overstate the importance of this film, by Shane Anderson of North Fork Studios.

Watch the trailer HERE.

And then check the schedule for a showing near you:

Spokane Sept 12th

Bozeman Sept 16th

Boise Sept 17th

Reno Sept 18th

Tahoe Sept 20th

Portland Sept 28th

Seattle Oct 2nd

Bring yourself and a friend. Bring your family. Bring your kids. Perhaps most importantly, bring people who may not be fishermen or have any hint of what’s really happening to our wild fish. Information is power.

Empower yourself.

Keep the wild, wild.