I’m officially waiting for what seems like everything.

I haven’t wet a fly line in months. Steelhead season closed early in these parts except for the Olympic Penninsula and that’s a weekend trip in and of itself. I haven’t had an entire weekend free. I will however, be headed for the OP on last day of the month, hoping to improve on last year’s outing. Translation: I hope it’s me that catches fish this year while my son, Schpanky, tastes skunk. His first time fishing for steelhead and he catches two. That ain’t right. He’s 18 now, I’m done coddling him. The trip has been booked for months, and for months I’ve been


Today is officially the first day of Spring, but round these parts you sure wouldn’t know it. This year is shaping up to be just like last year: a “La Niña bookend”, as the local meteorologists like to call it: colder than normal, constant rain and intermittent snow. It’s ugly. I watch the evening news and see the breadbasket of the country sweltering in 80 degree heat. While troubling, I gotta tell you that it sounds pretty damn good right now. How about we split the difference and everyone can be 60 degrees and pleasant—you know, spring weather? I have no idea how or why, but the grass is starting to show signs of growth. Unfortunately it’s too wet, the ground too soggy to mow. By the time it’s dry enough to mow, the grass will be knee high. While that makes for excellent  Lawn Trout habitat, it causes problems for the lawnmower (me). What we in the Pacific Northwet need are a couple of weeks of sun and warm temps to dry things out, like the Midwest. That kind of forecast is nowhere on the horizon so I find myself


I’ve been trying to keep my mind off the weather while keeping busy with work. However, a very important side project has been weighing on me heavily and I’m waiting to hear back from a very influential company. I expected to hear back a week ago. When I didn’t, I figured no news was good news and they were giving my submission some serious consideration. A week later and still no word. I need to know if the answer is ‘no’ so I can move on, so I fired off an inquiry email. It’s eating at me and I can’t help but wonder how much longer I will be


Another important, but less important side project, is slowly moving forward. I sent an email to the president of a particular fly fishing company asking if they wished to be part of the project. After a week of waiting for a reply, I sent another email. Another week passed and yes, I’m still


It’s not about fishing, but recently I wrote a freelance article and submitted it to the editor of the Seattle Times. After waiting for several days without a reply, I left the editor a voicemail. Then I finally got an email reply, to which I replied. The conversation was still in mid-stride. That was over a week ago, and I find myself once again


As I sit here waiting for things to happen, I was looking forward to my first trout trip of the year. I was invited by  my buddy Derek Young of Emerging Rivers Guide Services, to join him and another guy for a day on the Yakima. Because it’s been since last fall since I held my 4 wt in my hand, I was really looking forward to getting out. I was eager to try out my new Redington Sonic Pro waders, too. Unfortunately Derek had a little trouble with the axle on his boat trailer last weekend. He told me that if the new axle didn’t arrive in time, our trip would have to be postponed. Well, I got the call today—the axle wouldn’t arrive in time. While Derek waits for the axle, I await my first trout outing of the year. It looks like it will be well into April before I get to dust off my 4 wt. Until then, I’ll be


While I wait for one or all of the aforementioned things to happen, I thought I’d watch some paint dry. Luckily there’s a website for that, complete with a time-lapse camera. Check it out HERE. It’s riveting stuff, really.

Go ahead, what are you waiting for?



  1. Derek Young

    I was afraid of that, but I don’t blame you. I even threatened you and all, and then I’m the one that has to bail. I’ll make it up to you buddy.

    • Kirk Werner

      Don’t feel bad about crushing my dreams, Derek. I feel bad for your trailer woes—what a pain in the axle. We’ll get out, and when we do the sun will shine and there won’t be an 8 inch trout in sight.

  2. Brian Schiele

    You are not alone Kirk.. The last time I wet a line was the day after Christmas. However, come the time I get a certain bamboo rod, things will change!

    • Kirk Werner

      Be gentle with my rod, Brian 😉

  3. AirborneAngler

    Last summer we waited and waited on rain while the creeks and rivers slowly dried up in Texas. Now, and I’m grateful, it won’t stop raining. Every time you think you get a chance to fish the water gets blown out again. So, I too am waiting on wading. See you on the high ground.

    • Kirk Werner

      Yeah, it’s always one thing or another, grass is always greener sort of thing. Good to know Tejas is getting wet. Sure would be nice if we could just balance everything out so it’s perfect everywhere. Oh well, a guy can dream can’t he? Thanks for the comment- as you were.

  4. Brian Schiele

    That goes double for you Kirk!

  5. Patrick

    Great, now the pop lyrics of a late 1970s ketchup commercial is replaying and replaying and replaying in my head. Thanks for that.

    • Kirk Werner

      What do you have against Carly Simon? She’s smokin hot for a older gal.

  6. Erin Block

    Yup. Waiting. My story for this winter too. Hope it ends (for both of us) soon…

    • Kirk Werner

      Sorry you’re waiting, too Erin. I think waiting for the end of winter is the least of my waiting woes. If I could just put some closure to some of the other things, winter could drone on as long as it wanted to. Well, not really, but you get what I’m saying…

      • Erin Block

        Sure do…I’m smelling what you’re stepping in…so to speak…

  7. Harry L

    Spring done arrived here-84 degrees and sunny with a light breeze today. Flowers and trees blooming, people are starting to put gardens out (tad early for me as we could still have frost). Just got back from a trip over to the river-water still off color and the current still a bit high for the fly rod , but I did manage one little smallie with the spinning rod (too lazy to switch to a sinking line on the fly reel). Got some good pics of the wildflowers too boot.
    No hate mail please-I’d give up the early spring for some decent trout water nearby. You guys have that to look forward to at least.

    • Kirk Werner

      I’ll refrain from hate mail, Harry. How about resentment? 😉

      • Harry L

        I can live with that.

        • Kirk Werner

          I can too, Harry. Living is better than the alternative.

  8. Marck

    While your waiting. I can offer up my drift boat (the hornet) to Derek. This might cure the La Nina bitch winterspringsummer to come.

  9. Sanders

    I feel our pain…I’ve been waiting for my wife to finish moving us in to our new digs. She has no idea how her slowness has been affecting me…maybe I should say something?

    hope the next couple of weeks find you doing less waiting and more wading….


    • Kirk Werner

      What’s taking her so long, Sanders?

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