This Nation be Dammed


I am not an advocate of tearing down every single dam on every single river in the country. That would not be economically feasible, or smart. However, there are many dams across the nation that should be looked at closely and many should be removed because they’re doing more harm than good.

I recently lent my signature to a petition with the intent of tearing down dams. More specifically the petition needs 50K signatures before it can be submitted to President Obama, urging him to issue forth the mandate to remove, among other outdated dams, 4 dams on the Snake River.  These dams are controlled by the federal government so your tax dollars pay to keep these “run of river” dams that generate very little hydro power and only serve as a passage (via a system of locks) for barges moving cargo. Ironically a perfectly good railway system parallels the river, making the dams completely unnecessary and completely wasteful. These dams also serve to block passage of salmon and steelhead, making their natural spawning journey more difficult than it already is without man-made barriers. So these dams should be removed to benefit the taxpayer and the fish.

I would ask you to do one of two things:

1. Watch DamNation on Netflix.  It’s an amazingly well done film. You’ll learn something and enjoy doing so. If you don’t already have Netflix, they’re giving away a month free. Use that free month to watch the film.

2. Sign the petition HERE.

I have a feeling that if you do #1 above, you’ll then do #2.

On June 12, 1987 President Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.” And he did.

Now the people will be asking President Obama to tear down some dams.  Will he?

At this time less than 15K signatures are needed for the petition. Please sign.



  1. Les Booth

    Thank you Kirk for posting. I have watched this before. Just watched it again. Now thoroughly disgusted and having thoughts of ‘Jericho marching’. :\ I signed the petition and provided a reason for ‘Why’, I signed. Let’s hope the signatures are raised. I will also SHARE your post to Facebook. – les

  2. Leigh

    Watched it a few nights ago. Awesome flick. Regardless of whether you fish, kayak, swim or just drink the stuff, it’s a great movie to help you better understand how the dams came to be, and why we should tear at least some of them down.

  3. Mark

    Dear Sir,
    You are damm right when you are supporting this idea.
    In my opinion the fucking damms are accused for;
    – steeling land for creating unnessesary flooded area (deforestration)
    – being harmful for migratry spicies ( not only OUR trouts)
    – in the oposition to the aim of the built they make simply unpredictible control of the mountain run off
    With my best regards, keep your fishing line allways tide it it’s my whish.

    Marek Stryczniewicz

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