The shootings at Marysville-Pilchuck high school on October 24th affected the entire nation and beyond. It was a tragic event, as have been all similar events across the states, but this one hit a bit closer to home for me, personally, because Marysville is only 30 miles to the north of where I live. But everyone across the nation knows the horrible events that took place; the innocent young lives that were taken; the other lives that were forever wrecked. During times like this it can be easy to lose faith in humanity; to retreat into darkness.

Last night on the local news I watched with keen interest an interview with a former Marysville-Pilchuck teacher by the name of Jim Pankiewicz. He has a blog, and on his blog he writes of the shooting from a unique perspective, and offers words of hope and encouragement.  He’s a man of passion and compassion, and on his blog he also writes of less important matters pertaining to fly fishing—yes, Mr. P. is also a fly fisherman.  Give his blog a look, send some love his way—offer a comment to let him know his words were seen.