Yellowstone Approacheth

In 48 hours I’ll be very close to being in Montana. We’ll probably be just about done with Idaho’s panhandle, headed East on I-90. The destination, as it is every year at this time: West Yellowstone, MT.  The Ho Hum Motel, to be exact. The Firehole River, ultimately. Rather than waste your time writing about what to expect, let me just offer you a few recollections from previous years.  It never varies a great deal, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring or redundant (except for the 14 hour drive).

The weather is always unpredictable when fishing at over 7200 feet in Yellowstone Park. Spring squalls will blow in one minute and we’ll be hunkered down to find a spot out of the driving snow. Then the sun will come out and we’ll be peeling layers. This year, however,  it looks predictably bad.  No matter- the fish will be gullible. It’s opening day of fishing in the park and the rainbows and browns haven’t seen an imitation bug since last fall.  It’s stupid catching, and just what the doctor ordered. Then we’ll hit the Madison near Three Dollar Bridge and all that easy catching will come to an abrupt halt. I’ll get my arse handed to me. So will everyone else. Except Marck.

When I return, I’ll write up my recollections of this year’s trip.  It’ll be remarkably similar to years past.

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  1. JB

    Good luck – hopefully the flows cooperate. I’ve heard from some others looking to fish the Firehole on Saturday, but they aren’t optimistic. I’ll be in that area too – maybe I’ll see ya around.

    • Kirk Werner

      Josh, last report from Marck was that the Firehole was on the drop. Even if it’s not, in our experience it always fishes well. Some years better than others, but always good—at least where and how we fish it, that is. If you see a really tall guy on the water catching fish, that’ll be Marck. I won’t be far behind, and I’ll be much shorter and catching fewer fish. Good luck

  2. Patrick

    Gotta find a doctor who can order up some “stupid catching” around these parts. Good luck, and remember, layering will at least keep your arse warm.

    • Kirk Werner

      The nice thing about the Firehole is that it gives us ample sport (lots of tight lines and bent rods). This is a nice treat after the slow spring. The downside is that after the Firehole, we have to come home to slow fishing again.

  3. Fontinalis Rising

    I could get into catching of the stupid kind. I could get into catching of any kind right now. Sounds like another river or two to add to the wish list.

    • Kirk Werner

      Definitely add the Firehole to your list. Worth the trip, but make sure you go early because it gets too warm pretty quickly once the weather warms up (assuming it does).

  4. David G

    Dang… It is possible that I will be up MT way this weekend as well… I may not be at the firehole, but I might stop in and say hello. If I don’t see you up there I wish you luck!

    • Kirk Werner

      Didn’t see many people, David- I think the weather forecast scared many away. A LOT fewer anglers than usual. Too bad for them, the fishing was great!

  5. Steve Z

    Jealous, Jealous, Jealous. Tight lines.

    Hopefully you’ve packed your snowshoes.

    • Kirk Werner

      Could have used the snow shoes for the hike in to the river. Felt attracts snow.

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