Stop Eating Wild Steelhead

This may appear to be a West coast issue, but actually it’s important to everyone  so I’m sharing it with all readers of the Unaccomplished Angler in hopes that you’ll pass the word, post it on your blogs, etc.  This is a grassroots movement to educate the general public about the plight of wild steelhead on the left coast, which are a non-sustainable resource and widely listed under the Endangered Species Act. And yet, on a few rivers where they have not yet made the ESA list, they continue to be harvested and sold to markets and restaurants, even though they are not a self-sustaining population.

In the Northwest there are watchful individuals and groups who are keeping an eye out for markets and restaurants that feature wild steelhead on their menus and in their seafood sections. Recently a couple Seattle area restaurants have been informed and educated on the matter of these fish not being sustainable, as they’ve been marketed to be.  We need to be the voice for these fish since they can’t speak for themselves. We need to educate the retailers and consumers. In doing so hopefully we can put a stop to the harvest by taking away their market.

If you’re inclined toward the Facebook thing, please give this group a “like”. As stated on the Facebook page:

This long overdue Facebook group aims to help educate the public on wild steelhead harvest. Even with rivers not meeting their escapement goals, the tribes of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula continue to harvest these depressed stocks of fish.

With the generous funding of Allen Fly Company, stickers are being made available for purchase. Proceeds go to wild steelhead conservation efforts.

Order a set of 5 stickers for $6.  Fly the colors on your rig, drift boat, etc.  Give a couple to your friends.  The more who understand the situation the better our chances of saving these wild fish.

Here is the direct link:

Order your stickers, and like the title says: Stop Eating Wild Steelhead


  1. Fred Telleen

    Just tell people they taste like gasoline. That’s what I tell anyone who wants to eat dollies.

    • Kirk Werner

      That’s an interesting tactic I hadn’t thought of…I can see a new line of t-shirts produced for every species of threatened or endangered fish:

      “(insert species here) taste like gasoline. Go ahead, eat one.”

  2. coyoteluke1

    If you can’t catch them yourself, you shouldn’t be allowed to eat them. Selling them to resturaunts is a waste.

    • Kirk Werner

      Except that we should not be allowed to eat wild steel even if we catch them ourselves…

  3. the Goosemaster

    I have seen steelhead labled as salmon in a couple of fish markets. I have also seen them labled as salmon in different publications over the years.

    If you want to see the number of steelhead and Dollies increase you have to remove the nets from the rivers. Nets, as everyone knows do not discriminate between species

    • Kirk Werner

      Doesn’t it just make you madder than all git out, Stan? The general public doesn’t know, and doesn’t care, about the difference between this type of fish or that. That’s what we gotta change by getting the non-angling public all educated.

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