I’ve been a supporter of the online magazine, Kype, for a several years now, having contributed to content and always posting their current issue in the sidebar of my blog.  Kype is now under new publishership, with my friend Aileen Lane, of MKFlies at the helm. Aileen has great enthusiasm for the whole fly fishing thing and I’m sure her energy will take Kype to new heights, despite my contribution to the current issue.

There are some great articles to be found as well as some marginal writing on page 22. So enjoy, and please support Kype. You can visit their website and subscribe so that you never miss a new issue, or you can come back here to the UA and always find the latest issue in the sidebar (look to the right and scroll down—there it is).


And if you’re looking for some expertly tied custom flies, give Aileen’s website a look.