Coloring isn’t just for kids.

Here’s something you won’t be able to say after reading this:  “I’ve never heard of Fishy Kid.” is the brainchild of two dads who, like so many other responsible, tax-paying adults, share a common obsession: Fly fishing. While that obsession can, if left unchecked, be detrimental to a productive life, much good can come from it as well. Enter Fishy Kid, which takes aim at introducing kids to all that the great outdoors have to offer through the art of fly fishing.

In this day and age of virtual activities and video games, getting kids off the couch and outside is more important now than ever before. Too many kids (and adults for that matter) suffer from “Nature Deficit Disorder” but all hope is not lost. According to a recent study conducted by the Outdoor Foundation, fishing is listed as the Number One “Gateway Activity” to getting kids involved in other outdoor recreation. That means if you take a kid fishing, chances are high that they’ll enjoy the experience so much they’ll want to partake of other outdoor activities as well.  The science is in: Unstructured outdoor play improves social skills, performance in math and sciences, and leads to a more well-rounded appreciation of not just nature, but life in general.

The guys over at Fishy Kid have done a very impressive job of lining up sponsors to donate quality fly fishing gear as prize giveaways for their ongoing coloring contests. Check out the rules– it costs you nothing and is a great way to get your little ones excited about fishing and the outdoor world.

But wait–just when you thought coloring was only for kids, think again.

November is a time for you big kids to show your long-dormant talents over at Fishy Kid. Dust off those Crayolas, test your artistic skills and enter the adult coloring contest right now. You might just win a cool stack of DVD’s such as Nervous Waters, Soulfish, Rivers of a Lost Coast, The Drift, No Sports Allowed, Once in a Blue Moon, and other gear from Mountain Khaki, Moffitt Angling, Buff Wear, and Cliff Outdoors.

Don’t let my coloring sample (below) intimidate you. I’m one of the contributing artists and therefore exempt from participating in the contest.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got crops to harvest over on Farmville.



  1. Rebecca

    What a fantatic idea. I’m off to check out the details.
    If only we could all draw like you!

    • admin

      If you’re serious about wanting to win the contest, I recommend you color inside the lines.
      Good luck- hope you win a goodie bag of cool prizes!

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