I am a fly-fisherman and author/illustrator of a series of children’s fly-fishing books.

I like to fish, write, and draw. And a few other things that would be of little to no interest to you.

I started drawing first, then writing. It wasn’t until age 11 or 12 when I started fly-fishing.  A friend of my dad’s was consumed by it, and thought that my brother and I should be indoctrinated.  My first rod was a 7-1/2 foot Eddie Bauer (yes, Eddie Bauer used to actually make outdoor gear) combo spin-fly rod. Attached to it was a Cortland Crown click and pawl reel with no drag.  I don’t remember there being such a thing as backing back then- if I had it I never needed it. I didn’t fish a lot, but I fished enough to know that I enjoyed fly casting way more than dangling a worm under a bobber. Then I entered a period of of my life where I was busy doing everything but fishing:  Cars, girls, college (Washington State University– Go COUGS!), job, marriage, family. As the years passed, I would occasionally remind myself that I needed to get back into fly-fishing some day. When I finally picked up a fly rod again, it was all over.

A few years ago I lost that old Eddie Bauer rod on a family vacation to Lake Roosevelt—left it behind at a campsite and didn’t realize it until we’d returned home. It was a good rod—caught me some fish and landed me some memories. My mom had used a Dremel tool to engrave my name on the aluminum tube, so if you found it please return it for a reward.

You can contact me at unaccomplishedangler (at) gmail (dot) com


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