Yellowstone Supervolcano: solving world problems in one fell swoop

OMG—Time to freak OUT!

OMG—Time to freak OUT!

A recent tweet by Seattle’s KING 5 News shared a story about the Yellowstone Supervolcano, the headline of which is sure to get people to read the article because that’s what a good headline does: it sells news! And once folks have read the article, many will probably still panic. The article suggests that the gurgling volcano under the Yellowstone is expected to blow much sooner than originally expected. And it could wipe out life on the planet.

But before you reach for the antidepressants, remember that this volcanic event would—quickly and efficiently—also take care of Kim Jong Un, terrorism and all the other unsavory world problems, of which there seems to be no shortage.

Here’s a particularly interesting excerpt from the article:

“About 630,000 years ago, National Geographic reported, a powerful eruption shook the region and created the Yellowstone caldera, a bowl 40 miles wide that forms much of the park.”

Odd. I knew National Geographic has been around a long time, but I didn’t realize the organization has been around for 630,000 years!

Again, before you freak out, you should know something that wasn’t stated clearly in the article: An eruption destroying life on the planet will not likely happen any time soon. The article states that “…more research is necessary before definite conclusions can be drawn.”

Here’s a link to the article.

Yellowstone supervolcano may blow sooner than thought — and could wipe out life on the planet

I’ve oft-stated that when the supevolcano does blow, I want to be standing knee deep in the Firehole River, tight to a feisty 12″ trout. I don’t want to be 700 miles away, with time to learn that the blast is fast approaching.


Yellowstone Supervolcano: Bring it on, bitch

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  1. Howard Levett

    Without placing blame on directly on politics (although I would like to blame all the world’s ills on politics and probably rightly so) I’d have to say that what passes for journalism today, even the “well respected” press, could certainly learn from their predecessors. Rather than reporting news they are all competing with Entertainment Tonight, The Onion, and other assorted entertainment Media for the all-might dollar. The best way to do that is to print something as fact, call it news when it’s purely speculation, conjecture, fear mongering corporate propaganda aimed at emptying our wallets. Just in case I’m wrong Kirk, give me a heads up and I’ll meet you at the Firehole, buy the first round and then start looking for a 12″ fish.

    • Kirk Werner

      Headlines have always had the intent of being a bit sensational to draw readers in, but more and more you never know fi what you’re reading is real or alternate truths. In the case of this particular subject and story, it’s a real thing but geologic timeframes are almost abstract. In other words, it’s gonna blow some day, and maybe sooner than they originally thought, but not likely for at least another several hundred thousand years. I’ll be so old by then I won’t care. Meanwhile, see you on the Firehole!

  2. michael Nutto

    And will sink with California when it falls into the sea

    • Kirk Werner

      And there solves another huge problem!

  3. Mark

    Yellowstone “tatanka” are stunt to no migration and local fucking conditions, damn them all, when the caldera blow up I hope I go to heaven and I spare a good place for you
    Yo ka ho

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