What’s in a hat?

hat is a head covering. It can be worn for protection against the elements, for ceremonial or religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory. In the past, hats were an indicator of social status. In the military, they may denote nationality, branch of service, rank and/or . regiment. —Wikipedia, your online hat expert

We angling types like hats. I myself have mentioned several times and even written fairly extensively about the Lucky Fishing Hat. MY Lucky Fishing Hat, that is. After all this is my blog so I wouldn’t very well write about YOUR lucky fishing hat. But I digress. Most anglers tend toward ball cap style hats, with the standard issue bill out front and nothing on the sides (to protect your ears) nor the back (to protect your neck). This style of hat almost seems to be the requisite uniform of the angler, and I admit that I wear this style of hat when I’m off the water.

I have more of these hats from various fly fishing related entities than I can wear in a lifetime. I’m not partial to one particular hat though I do like some of them better than others for personal reasons: Take for example, The Emerging Rivers Guide Services hat that I have. I wear it quite a bit because it’s a super-sweet logo (shameless self promotion) and owner Derek Young is a good buddy. I also have a tattered old, sweat-stained Reel Pure hat that also sports an uber-cool design (I wish I could take credit for it). There’s something about this hat that just makes it so easy to wear. It’s like a pair of well-worn underpants—you hardly know it’s there. These two are pretty much my every day, go-to lids except when I have important client meetings, in which case I go commando don’t wear a hat.

But I digress, again.  The point of this is really to announce that after years of the people demanding it I’m finally going to be offering a limited supply of Unaccomplished Angler hats. I took an informal poll on the Unaccomplished Angler Facebook page and it was pert near a dead even split between those who wanted a trucker style hat and those who preferred a solid twill version. I was able to find a supplier to make up some nice woven patches (instead of direct embroidery, which can’t handle fine design details) and affix them to a choice of either style hat. Lucky you, to have such choices!

The hats haven’t arrived yet, but when they do you can be sure you’ll hear about it.  You’ll want to reserve yours fast though, because as I said quantities are very limited. And I’m reserving one of each for myself because they’re sure to become my favorites.

Stay tuned.

Please note that either style comes with a pre-formed bill (no flat billed hats. Those are stupid looking). If you want to pre-order one of these fine-looking Unaccomplished Angler hats, send an email to Unaccomplished Angler (at) gmail (dot) com.



  1. Kevin Breen

    I’ll take 4 twill..: me, brother, Tom and The Moose..

    • Kirk Werner

      Bingo! Shoot me an email with your pre-order, and thanks!

  2. Ivan

    Hey!!!! You’re stupid looking.

    a guy who wears somewhat flat brimmed hats.

    • Kirk Werner

      Not to worry, Ivan, as you get older you’ll see the error in your ways 🙂

  3. Hal

    The twill looks fabulous. Would a size small be available to fit my small noggin?

    • Kirk Werner

      They’ll be adjustable, brother. Should fit sub-regulation sized noggins.

  4. Howard Levett

    Do any of them come with a string attached so I can tie it down to my head? I knock them off a lot.

    • Kirk Werner

      No strings attached, Howard. Might I recommend a strip of duct tape from one ear, over the top of the hat, to the other ear. Provides security against losing the hat and also protects the ears.

  5. Jeff Holberg

    Looking forward to your hat coming out. Hope there’s no shortage of good hats.

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks, Jeff. Never a shortage of good hats. Only time will tell if the same applies to the UA hats!

  6. Josh

    What info can you give me about your lucky hat? I love it and want to start beating up and breaking in one of my own.

    • Kirk Werner

      Josh, I tried replying to your comment over at the Orvis blog but technical glitches prevented me from being able to do so. Here is what I would have posted had I been able:

      It’s an old “River Guide” hat that was made by Sage longer ago than anyone can recall. I even contacted Sage to find out what they could tell me about it, which wasn’t much. I happened upon this gem at a garage sale several years ago and for some sad reason it had never been worn by its original owner. It was a rich, dark brown, oiled canvas. Since then it has seen sun, rain, sleet and snow; been used as a water bucket and a coffee filter. It’s been drug through the dirt, rode hard and put up wet and it just gets better with age. I’ll never replace it, and if it’s ever lost I will probably hang up my waders for good. I’ve never seen another hat just like it. Orvis made a River Guide Hat which seems to no longer be available. This hat is very similar although you’d have to shape the brim to get the same look as my hat: http://www.fedoras.com/henschel-hats/waxed-cotton-walker-outback/?on=Khaki#.Ug5sbmR4bZ8

      Good luck in your quest for a hat that brings you as much luck pleasure as mine has brought me.

  7. Jeff Holberg

    The new hat showed up while I was flailing Northern waters with UA’s No Shortage of Good Hats second place winner Andy Roth. Fun trip, fish actually caught. Now I can boast of an almost one-upping hat!

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