What a difference a day makes

This is a little experiment to see if any of you read the first post about the route we took en route to our Idaho fishing destination, The Road Less Travelled in Search of Summer. I know of at least 2 people that did read that entry (thanks, Howard and Bob).

When I returned from the trip I noticed I had taken a photo from nearly the same vantage point on two consecutive days. It made for a nice comparison/contrast. Here’s a little eye candy teaser to hopefully entice you to stick around for the second part, which will be titled, “The Forecast Called for 100% Chance of Fishing”.


What a difference a day makes.


  1. Mark

    Dear Kirk,
    Photoshop has the future. Great ! Actually I’m a bit envy, I have never been fishing for trout in such a remote place. Body you you don’t deliver bout fishing. Great ! We in our village say – It’s not going to catch the rabbit it’s going to chase him. : )
    Keep your line tide.

  2. Howard Levett

    Well yes, I do read all of your posts and I thank you for the shout out. Two very nice pictures…I’ll take the cooler looking one.

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks for the love and support. I imagine the cool, damp weather sounds appealing to you, but to me it was like raining on my parade, mainly because summer hasn’t arrived here yet. Well, maybe today, finally: we’re having a heat wave (75F).

  3. Bill Potts

    Like Saquatch, i’m out here. Watching, waiting, and scratching my ass a few hundred miles to the south.

    • Kirk Werner

      Since I am a big believer in Squatch, this is very validating to know. Thanks for tagging along.

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