UFFFC (Ultimate Fly Fishing Film Confusion)


If you’re anything like me (I apologize because I wouldn’t wish this on anyone), then you’re aware that there is at least one multiple fly fishing film event that takes place each year. Bad timing usually prevents me from being able to attend, I think. Confusion may have something to do with it as well. A few years ago I went. Back then I think there was only one multiple fly fishing film event. At least I don’t remember there being two. It seems like things were simpler back then.

Whatever the case may have been at one time in the past, the fact of the matter is that now we have two multiple fly fishing film events:

The International Fly Fishing Film Tour, known as F3T.


We also have the Fly Fishing Film Festival, known as IF4.

I think for me the confusion began with the acronyms. FWIW, after a while all acronyms in the world today start to muddy the waters. I’ll be honest–when the second fly fishing film event came to be I didn’t even realize it was a second organization. Now I don’t even remember which was the first, original group. It’s probably not worth fretting over anyway.

But as a public service to those of you who may be like me (short, middle-aged and confused), just remember: there are two multiple fly fishing film events making the rounds this time of year. I’ll be going to at least one, possibly both although I’m not sure.

Here are the schedules for each:

F3T Schedule

IF4 Schedule

UFC Schedule

Sorry, please disregard the last one. I was confused.



  1. Dan Ferguson

    I seriously would have guessed there were three or even four floating around!

    • Kirk Werner

      There may well be, Dan. Can you please post the acronyms for any others?

  2. Dan Ferguson

    Guess there’s just the two. We get advertising from every direction, so it seems like more! You should come over for F3T on Feb 5!

    • Kirk Werner

      Well, I would, save for the fact that I’ll be in Spokane on Feb 1st for the non-FFFTF (Fly Fishing Film Tour Festival) event at the Liberty Building…

      • Dan Ferguson

        The wife and I will be there also. Sort of looking forward to meeting you. Might destroy any preconceived notions though!

        • Kirk Werner

          Life is full of disappointments, Dan. It’ll be a lot like meeting your first Disc Jockey.

  3. Patrick

    IMHO, shouldn’t be surprising (the acronyms, not your confusion, Kirk.). It’s endemic in the sport. Just off the top of my head, one can join the FFF (or here the regional NCCFFF) and TU, and help out with PHWFF and CfR…attend the FFS and ISE, maybe the AFFTA show…cast WF, DT and ST lines…fish BH flies, BWOs, PMDs, EHCs, PTs, stimis (don’t forget BHHE and GRHE) and tie files with CDC. And in my case, it’s lucky I practice C&R, ‘cause I get more than a fair share of LDRs, sprinkled with a few SDRs.

    SK (…but that’s Morse code.)

    • Kirk Werner

      Case in point, Pat. Let’s not also forget PBR. Without, it all seems so incomplete.

      • Patrick

        Oops, I did…I’d rather have an IPA and would refuse an MGD or OML; but when in the PNW, PBR it is.

        • Kirk Werner

          Let’s not dismiss BUD.

  4. Nate

    I just recently learned that there was such a thing as a fly fishing film festival. Which ever one it was (I’m already confused by ally these acronyms) that was coming to my town, Milwaukee, is being shown in a microbrewery, and I’d like to go so bad, but I think I’ll be in Michigan on that date. Maybe the other one will come here too on a different date!

    • Kirk Werner

      Or, you could stay in Michigan long enough to catch the fly fishing film event when it gets there. Which one are we talking about anyway? I’m so confused.

      • Brian Koz

        we have a couple of shows in MI for you, and I’ll bring the SNP or LBL, whichever you prefer…

        • Nate

          *sigh* I’ll just go fishing instead.

          • Nate

            Oh, The big UFC fight is going to be aired on Fox next weekend. I’m just gonna watch that, problem solved.

          • Kirk Werner

            Probably not a bad decision, Nate.

        • Kirk Werner

          Damn, acronyms…LOL

  5. Jay

    I’ve got tickets for my first ever acronymed fly fishing movie picture show next month in ATL.
    I’m not 100% sure which was first, but that fishy skeleton in the logo for F3T is traceable to the “Trout Bum” films produced by the “Angling Exploration Group.” I think F3T is their baby. I have a hat with that bony fish logo on it that I got when I ordered the “Fish Bum 1: Mongolia River Wolf” video. I think the AEG group has kinda fizzled from its original group, but I don’t know much… I at least know they never made a “Fish Bum 2.” I think some of those same guys are in the more recent “Geofish” film.
    I would have to agree that I thought there was only one film tour/festival, and only recently realized it was two separate parties. I hope my tickets are for the better of the two.

    • Kirk Werner

      Jay, I believe you are spot-on with your recollection of the AEG history. Perhaps what is needed is a documentary film that explores the development of the fly fishing film industry. Just to clear things up, you know? As for which one I’ll be attending, I know for sure I am going to the IF4 just to see “A Deliberate Life”. Oh, and I’m pretty sure IF4 doesn’t have the bony fish logo, although one of the sponsors is Loomis, so a bony fish logo does factor in somehow.

  6. Fred Telleen

    Be sure to be on the look out for the 2014 B3FDFRF2T (Bony Fish Fly Fishing Films Documentary Filmmakers Reality Fishing Films Tour).

    • Kirk Werner

      I’ll worry about that in 2014. For now, I’ve got enough to try to keep straight…

  7. Howard Levett

    I honestly have never made any of these shows. I’ve always had a strange feeling that someone was luring into a trap.

    • Kirk Werner

      Those are the words of a paranoid person, Howard. It’s irrational and outrageous to think that simple film makers are up to no-good. Sorry, gotta go. There’s a black Suburban parked across the street. I think they’re watching me.

  8. Erin Block

    I am still confused. Damn acronyms…

  9. Craig

    I struggled with this very thing last year (or the year before). If my memory serves me correctly (and obviously we better not count on that) the F3T (which I’m pretty sure started out as the FFT or the FFFT) was the first film tour, while the IF4 has only been in existence for the last couple of years. Anyway, my $.02


    • Kirk Werner

      Craig, that’s kinda what I thought, I think.

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