Trifecta of Smokin’ Hot Fly Fishing Babes V

Trifecta of smokin’ hot fly fishing women

Ironically one month ago to the day I posted the above photo of 3 fly fishermen who just happen to be ladies. If you missed it, then you are in the minority because thanks to all the Neanderthals out there in cyberspace who use search terms such as “hot fishing women” “women fishing in bikinis” and “sexy women in waders” my site had over one million visitors that day. I’m kidding, of course, but I did have 500 hits the day that post went public. Not a bad day at the office for this paltry little blog.

You’ll note the title of this entry bears the designation: V. Intuitively one might conclude that my original post would be considered I, as in Part I, right?  And if that’s the case then you may be asking yourself, “Hey, what happened to Parts II, III and IV?”

Ah, but therein lies the catch:  This is not Part V as in Part Five. The V stands for something other than that…

Little did I know that at the time of my entry those same three ladies were brewing up something big. That something is a new website which, while still in its infancy, looks sure to become a great resource for women in fly fishing. Personally I think it’s a brilliant idea and I wish I’d thought of it myself. Admittedly it’s best that I didn’t, however, because I lack a woman’s…intuition.

For women interested in fly fishing or those already immersed in the sport, there’ll be something for all: stories from the water, interviews, gear highlights from the industry, fly tying and entomology, photos from the field, and so much more…all wrapped up in “an interactive, informative, and comfy place for women who fly fish.” Sounds rather welcoming to me—wonder if they’ll serve chocolate? Sorry.

So, what does V stand for?  I’m sure you Neanderthals have guesses and I assure you that you’re wrong. No doubt the answer lies somewhere on their new website:

Trifecta of smokin’ hot fly fishing Valkyries?


Best of success to Aileen, Rachel and Rebecca. Check out their new site, visit them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


  1. aileen

    Oh Mr Werner, Do you think this post will bring forth more than 500 hits? Thank you so much for the shout out! Yes, we are very excited to launch this site for women … and gentlemen are welcome, too. V for….

    • Kirk Werner

      I’ll take what I can get all in the name of business. I have many advertisers who are paying BIG money to sponsor my website. I owe it to them to produce hits.

      Oh wait, no I don’t. Never mind.

      Good luck with your site!

  2. Derek Young

    My momma told me if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nuthin’ at all. I will say that the best runs have a nice, well-formed V to them…

    • Kirk Werner

      Deeply insightful, sir. And like the best runs, the best engines also have a V in them. Of course, there are many fine inline configurations as well, including many diesel engines, but there’s nothing like the rumble of an American made big block or Harley V-Twin. But I think I’m getting off track here…clearly I shoulda had a V-8 this morning.

  3. Steve Z


    I’m sure there are others…

    • Kirk Werner

      I’m sure you’re right, although I will not allow myself to speculate. I shall instead stop at Virtuous 😉

      • Steve Z

        Of course, Virginal immediately came to mind, but I assumed you had already thought of that.

        • Rebecca

          Ya…I don’t think that one applies though

    • Rebecca

      All of the above of course =)

  4. Howard Levett

    Good job Kirk and you did it with so much suave and debonairness…good job!

    • Kirk Werner

      It’s how I roll, Howard. Suave and debonair are often terms used to describe me. I’m all cultured up, too.

  5. Rachel Morgan

    I think we should have a contest to see who can come up with the most creative way to use the letter V in our site!

    • Kirk Werner

      I think that’s a stellar idea, Rachel. Word of advice: do not allow men to enter the contest.

  6. Sanders

    looks like these women are going to be a force to reckon with…should be fun to follow along.

    glad you could lend your hand, and give them the “Unaccomplished” bump!

    • Sanders

      they could be a force to reckon with…or a force to be reckoned with. Either way

      • Kirk Werner

        I reckon either works.

    • Kirk Werner

      Kinda makes me wish I were a woman so I could become a part of that Trifecta. Of course, then it wouldn’t be a Trifecta, and…oh hell, never mind. Strike that comment.

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