The cool thing about participating in this Open Fly Podcast thing is that I get to sit around and talk about fly fishing during a time of year when there’s not much fly fishing taking place. Co-hosts Evan and Derek are mostly enjoyable fellas but much better than that is the chance to talk with interesting folks from near and far about matters pertaining to fly fishing.

On the 4th installment of The Open Fly we chat with Patrick Timmins of the Rawah Ranch in remote northern Colorado. Pat’s Orvis Endorsed outfit sounds like something truly special and unique. After listening to what the ranch offers, I think you’ll agree that it’s one of those places that must be visited. And you gotta love Pat’s hat. It’s very similar to my lucky fishing hat, except that his catches fish, whereas mine just makes me look taller.

Breaking from our standard format this week, we don’t have a conservation topic. Instead we bring you none other than Hank Patterson, YOUR Fly Fishing Guide. Everyone with their finger on the pulse of social media knows who Hank Patterson is, but do you know the why of Hank Patterson?  We think you’ll be surprised to hear the reason for Hank when we interview Travis Schwartz Swartz, the man behind Hank Patterson.

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I’m confident you’ll really enjoy this week’s show. Please have a listen and send us your comments, either via email or via our online comment form: Contact the Open Fly Podcast