Soon I’ll embark on my first flight to a fishing destination.  Alaska? Kamchatka? Patagonia? South Andros?

Uh, not quite.  Does Boise count?

And it won’t even be a jet, so the headline above is misleading.

I must say that I’m rather excited to finally have a chance to use my Sage Travel Rod Tube that I got several months ago. The one that’s been sitting in my closet collecting dust, wondering when it will ever be employed for duty. I’ve filled it with two rods for the trip that will take us first to Boise, where we’ll hopefully land safely on day one.  From there we’ll embark on the drive to Victor, ID where we’ll fish the South Fork of the Snake on day two, followed by the Henry’s Fork on day three, and lastly to Silver Creek on our way back to Boise on day four.

A whirlwind trip for sure. I’ll be back here selling UA hats before you know it—what, you didn’t get yours yet?

In addition to Rangers Morris and Jimmy, Marck will also be along on the trip. So at least someone will catch fish.

I’ll report back with our findings.

The World’s Most Unaccomplished Angler?