Leavin’ on a jet plane…

Soon I’ll embark on my first flight to a fishing destination.  Alaska? Kamchatka? Patagonia? South Andros?

Uh, not quite.  Does Boise count?

And it won’t even be a jet, so the headline above is misleading.

I must say that I’m rather excited to finally have a chance to use my Sage Travel Rod Tube that I got several months ago. The one that’s been sitting in my closet collecting dust, wondering when it will ever be employed for duty. I’ve filled it with two rods for the trip that will take us first to Boise, where we’ll hopefully land safely on day one.  From there we’ll embark on the drive to Victor, ID where we’ll fish the South Fork of the Snake on day two, followed by the Henry’s Fork on day three, and lastly to Silver Creek on our way back to Boise on day four.

A whirlwind trip for sure. I’ll be back here selling UA hats before you know it—what, you didn’t get yours yet?

In addition to Rangers Morris and Jimmy, Marck will also be along on the trip. So at least someone will catch fish.

I’ll report back with our findings.

The World’s Most Unaccomplished Angler?


  1. Aileen Lane

    Looking forward to hearing about your Idaho Adventures — hope to see you on the Henry’s Fork!

    • Kirk Werner

      I believe we did in fact see you, though not actually ON the Henry’s 🙂

      • Aileen

        Ok, so we saw each other at the Fly Shop / Bar & Grill- good enough for me. 😛

        • Kirk Werner

          Heck, that was the highlight of the trip for me!

  2. Wade

    SEA to BOI and not on a jet? Just curious, you flying on Horizon/Alaska? Good luck. I flew there a few months back and drove halfway across the state only to be turned back by wild fires. Going to try again next year, though. We’ll see how that goes.

    • Kirk Werner

      Indeed, Horizon SEA to BOI on a DaHavilland Bombardier. Seems to be the go-to plane for that trip. Sorry you got turned back by the fires. We did not encounter any fires, thankfully. Hopefully you won’t next year either.

      • Wade

        I hope they treated you well. I work for Horizon. I like to see how they treat people at other stations. I’m looking forward to trying again. I keep hearing about some big browns that way, and would like to see them for myself.

        • Kirk Werner

          Indeed they did, Wade. Alaska/Horizon always does. I mean, they’re no Delta, but that’s a good thing. As for big browns, I know they must exist though they continue to evade me and probably always will.

  3. Brett Colvin

    All I can say is that if your Worldcast guide strongly encourages you to wade across a treacherous section of the HF that nearly reaches the top of your waders under the guise of a “huge rainbow” holding near the far shore – be suspicious my friend. I discovered first-hand that “huge rainbow” is actually code for “W.O.U.S.” or Whitefish Of Unusual Size thanks to one Casey Birkholz of Worldcast Anglers.

    I almost shat myself and nearly got swept downstream during the ensuing battle. The 22″ whitefish, on the other hand, came right to the net.

    • Kirk Werner

      No guide on the HF, and no huge fish there either—W.O.U.S. or otherwise. Just a lot of small rainbows. I’da been pleased with anything over 10 inches.

  4. Howard Levett

    I’m more interested in your trip than I am listening to you brokering for a PR gig for Sage. Have a blast.

    • Kirk Werner

      Gotta plug The Man occasionally, Howard 😉

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