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There’s an app for that


As much as I try my darnedest to segregate endeavors, I would be remiss if I didn’t announce the availability of my recently-launched apps for iPad: Olive the Woolly Bugger and Chuckin’ Bugs.

Olive the Woolly Bugger is an interactive book app based on my print book series. In addition to the entertaining and educational story, there are several interactive pop-up screens that describe certain aspects of fly fishing: fly patterns, insects, fish, water currents, etc. Additionally there are a bunch of fun animations to further entertain young readers.  Speaking of young readers, there are two modes for reading the app. Those old enough to read on their own can do so, while younger kids can have the story read to them thanks to recorded narration.

Download Olive the Woolly Bugger for $1.99

There is also a bonus feature included in the Olive app: Chuckin’ Bugs. This is a simple yet challenging game in which kids (and big kids) help Lefty Crayfish toss buzzing bugs to feeding fish. This game is also available as a standalone app.

Download Chuckin’ Bugs for free

Rather than tell you all about the apps, this video does a much better job of showing you.


I am a Master Bug Chucker

I’m usually pretty humble, out of necessity.  After all, one does not title their blog “The Unaccomplished Angler” if they plan to boast of their keen angling prowess, that’s for sure. However, I recently achieved an honor that I must brag blatantly about: I am a Master Bug Chucker.

It’s true, and I have the award, signed by Lefty Crayfish, to show for it:

No, I am not perfect, and there is always room for improvement. But I’m pretty proud of my achievement to date.  I vow to not grow complacent in my mastery; I’ll keep at it, chuckin’ bugs in quest of a flawless score and avoiding the skunk.

If you have an iPad, you’ll soon be able to test your skills as well. Stay tuned.

Coming soon to an App Store near you.