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The Open Fly Podcast, Show 9

Aquatic invasive species is a topic every angler should be keenly aware of, and on Show 9 of the Open Fly Podcast you’ll learn some good things including the proper way to clean your boots to prevent the spread of alien organisms. Bleach is out, water is in. Dry them thoroughly or put them in the freezer overnight.  But don’t take my word for it, hear Bob Wiltshire, Executive Director of the Invasive Species Action Network  and staff member of the Clean Angling Coalition. Bob is extremely well versed on the topic and you WILL learn something from listening to the show, despite what you may have come to believe  if you’ve listened to previous shows.

In our Guide Stories segment Derek crosses the continent to bring you The Average Angler, Colin Archer. Colin is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing guide who calls the Jersey Shore and Upper Delaware River his home waters. Colin talks about fishing for striped bass and a variety of other salt water species, as well as freshwater trout angling.  Colin is also a professional photographer so be sure to check out his website: theaverageangler.blogspot.com

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The Open Fly Podcast, Show 8 (and a tying contest)

We hope you’ll agree that show 8 is Gr8. Listen on the Open Fly website or find it on iTunes or Sticher Radio.

In our conservation segment we talk with the folks behind the organization, Fish Not Gold. They’re taking on the unregulated suction dredge mining that’s causing considerable damage to Washington streams—streams that are fragile habit for many endangered anadromous fish. This isn’t just a local issue to Washingtonians, but is something folks from as far away as the New England states should be aware of. It’s an interesting and enlightening interview.


Instead of Guide Stories, on this show we talk about the evolution of the modern drift boat with Shelly Ehmer of Adipose Boatworks in Helena, Montana, and Link Jackson of StreamTech Boats in Boise, Idaho. Hear from two manufacturers that are producing  drift boats with very unique capabilities.

And listen carefully for details for a tying contest we’re holding. Tie the Open Fly logo and submit your entries for a chance to win an Open Fly Podcast t-shirt. Fire up the vices, time’s a wastin’!


The Open Fly Podcast, Show 7

Call this one the 7 Show Itch, or since Spring Training has begun for baseball perhaps the 7th Show Stretch. No matter what you call it, the 7th episode of the Open Fly Podcast is now live: listen via the website HERE, or find it as always, on iTunes and Sticher Radio.


Not The Motor City Madman

On this episode we not only have Ted Nugent’s doppelgänger in studio as a passive-aggressive guest, but we also talk with competitive angler, Jason Schall. If you have a preconception of what angling tournaments are all about, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that they’re not just about competition; tournaments raise a good awareness of conservation. Jason is a gentleman and ambassador of angling; we’re sure that you’ll enjoy his interview.

Jason Schall, not noodling for catfish.

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” On our Guide Stories segment, this week we talk with guide Bob Triggs of Little Stone Fly Fishers. Bob is an educated man and angler of considerable note. On his blog, Bob recently announced his personal decision to stop guiding for Olympic Peninsula wild steelhead. Hear his reasons why—if you’re like me (and I hope you’re not), it’ll have you thinking deep thoughts about the current status of Washington’s  famed Olympic Peninsula steelhead.  Not to fret, if you want a unique angling experience for salty fish, Bob will be glad to guide you on a trip for sea run cutthroat trouts

Bob Triggs ponders the state of OP wild steelhead.


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The Open Fly Podcast, Show 6

Hard to believe that we’re already 5 shows into a podcast that we didn’t think would make it past the second episode. However, the people have spoken: they want more Open Fly.


This episode is chock full of more good stuff—high caliber programming that you’ve come to expect from the Open Fly Podcast. Our Guide Series features Alaska and Montana fly fishing guide Rick Matney. Rick is a seriously passionate guy who lives large—the results of which are that he has developed a very unique steelhead guiding business in SE Alaska: think small rivers and reel-smoking fish that are often minutes out of the salt. Check out Rick’s Alaska ChromeChasers website for more information about booking a trip. After he returns from Alaska each year, Rick can be found guiding for trout in the Bozeman area for Montana Troutfitters. In the show Rick hints at the best time to fish one of the country’s best rubber hatches.


Our conservation segment features Andrea Matzke, president of Wild Washington Rivers. Andrea was previously president of Save the Sky River, so she knows the issues and has been fighting the good fight against a Snohomish County Public Utilities Disrtrict-proposed dam on a pristine section of the Skykomish River in Washington state. I’ve been following this for some time and wrote a bit about it previously. This is not JUST a local issue—these money-driven types of projects pose a threat in more backyards than just our own.

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So quit reading this Drivel® and go check out the latest podcast. As always you can listen on the Open Fly Podcast website, or subscribe via iTunes, or Stitcher radio.



The Open Fly Podcast, Show 5

The latest episode of The Open Fly Podcast is now live, and riddled with great content, lively banter, sophomoric humor and plenty of duck quacks.

Our conservation spotlight this week is the Madison River Foundation. Executive Director Hans Figi joins us to discuss the vast and important work that the foundation does to preserve, protect and enhance one of Montana’s—nay, the World’s—great trout fisheries. This is the 10th year of the Foundation and we’re very pleased to have Hans take us time away from his busy schedule to tell us about the work the Foundation continues to do. As we do with each conservation guest, we ask that our listeners consider a donation to the group. Email your receipt to us and we’ll enter you into our next raffle for some nice schwag.


Our Guide Stories segment features something a little different this week in that we speak with fly fishing guide Cinda Howard, owner of Fly Fish Arizona. The desert southwest is what one typically thinks of as a fishing destination, but after listening to Cinda we think you’ll change your tune. She also sets Derek straight with his assertion that Cinda guides for Carp in Trailer Parks.  Tune in, won’t you?

The podcast is available, as always, on The Open Fly Podcast as well as iTunes.  Check it out and stick around to find out how you can win one of these sweet Open Fly hats (creepy rubber boy not included).

The Open Fly Podcast, Show 2

The second installment of The Open Fly Podcast is now live. Unofficially we’re calling this one the Sophomore Slump Buster, not because we’re already in a slump but because we have every intention of avoiding that undesirable status. And in our heroic efforts to keep the momentum going (at the time of this writing we have close to 1000 downloads for Episode 1), our second episode features a conservation segment showcasing the work of the Native Fish Society and one of it’s members, Jason Small: just an ordinary guy out there doing good things for the fish.

Our Guide Stories segment this week features Canadian Dave Henry, who tells of fishing with light Spey rods and rugy players jumping out of jet sleds. In this episode I also learn that the Fraser River in British Columbia is not pronounced “Frazier”. Cultural barriers often make for challenging communication, but I think you’ll understand just enough to enjoy what Dave has to say. Check out Dave’s website, 2HandedTrout.com , for more information.

Dave Henry on the Bow River


And thanks again for tuning in to The Open Fly Podcast.

There’s a new podcast in town

There are countless fly fishing-related podcasts from which to choose, if so inclined. I say “countless” because I’ve never counted them—I actually have no idea just how many there are. However, there’s only one that began just a few days ago in little old Duvall, WA: The Open Fly Podcast. And there’s only one podcast with standards so low that I’m allowed in the studio for recording sessions.

Inside the lavish studios of The Open Fly

The Open Fly was the brain child of Evan Burck, a neighboring buddy of mine who is a big wig at Allen Fly Fishing. Evan is a fishing machine and despite lacking the social skills necessary to thrive in every day life, he is a pretty smart dude. With a background in audio recording, he is the technical brains behind the podcast.

One of Evan’s first intelligent moves was to bring Derek Young onboard as a co-host. Derek has the social skills needed to carry the podcast, and with his background as a fly fishing guide—Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide of the Year for 2011, mind you—the show has some added credibility. Derek is owner of Emerging Rivers Guide Services, by the way.

The obvious question then becomes, why me?  Clearly a lapse in judgment on Evan’s part. Or perhaps it was due to the fact that he needed a logo for the new podcast (and didn’t want to pay someone to do it). There’s also the likely possibility that Evan and Derek needed a punching bag for the studio. Whatever the case may be, here I am: the Village Idiot of the Open Fly Podcast.

Despite the fact that we joke around a fair bit, we’re very serious about bringing a solid show each week, with conservation being a foremost and important consideration. Our first episode features Shane Anderson of North Fork Studios. Shane has produced a great documentary, “Wild Reverence: The Plight of the American Wild Steelhead.” This is a movie that needed to be made and shines the light on a very important topic. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Wild Reverence in the coming months as Shane promotes his film across the country at film festivals. Shane is passionate about fishing and conservation—it’s a great interview.

Another weekly segment is Guide Stories, in which Derek welcomes a different fly fishing guide to tell stories, share tips and generally endure the hot seat.  Our first episode features Hutch Hutchinson, regional business manager for Orvis, Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructor, and highly experienced guide. Not to mention a super nice guy.


Hey, Hutch—your fly is open!

If a good show isn’t enough to entice you to tune in, we’ll be giving away free stuff each week, too. Listen to find out how you can win an Alpha III reel size #4 from Allen Fly Fishing this week.

Our first episode, and any future episodes, can be found here : The Open Fly Podcast
And now available on iTunes: Click this link

Please give us a listen and pass the word. And remember, your Fly is Open.