No Shortage of Good Hats: Contest Results

I must, and therefore I will say, that the turnout for this contest was exceptional. It wasn’t necessarily the  number of entries that impressed me (30), in case you didn’t check, but rather it was the quality of the hats being worn by folks and the passion those people have for their hats that really stood out. Some of the entrants went out of their way to ramble on at length tell stories about their hats while others let their photos do the majority of the talking. No matter the case, all entries were greatly enjoyed and appreciated.

Getting to know these many hats was akin to visting the dog pound and looking at all the puppies behind the chain link fencing: while you want to take them all home, you realize that is simply not possible. By selecting 2 winners, 28 would get nothing. Not even a participant’s ribbon. It’s a tough brand of love for a cruel world. Get over it.

Alas, without further ado:

In 2nd Place, taking home the foam-filled, flat-brimmed Pabst Blue Ribbon Trucker Hat and Unaccomplished Angler sticker…


2nd Place Prizes

Andrew Roth. There are many reasons why Andrew was chosen to win the 2nd place prize: read his entry. But more importantly is the reason he was not chosen to win the 1st place prize: I didn’t think he was deserving of it He really needs the PBR hat.

2nd Place, Andrew Roth



And in 1st Place, the lucky recipient of the autographed copy of John Gierach’s No Shortage of Good Days; signed print, Close to Home by Bob White; and a DownUnder Hat by Simms…

1st Place Prizes

Jason Tucker. He said it best in his entry, “It seemed like a good idea at the time, but rum can be a mean trickster.” Jason can now have both form and function with the Simms DownUnder Hat, and for those days when the weather isn’t up to Dominican Republic standards he can stay inside and read, or gaze at the fine print that will surely grace his wall. Disclaimer: 1st place was chosen by process of elimination, whereby the top 5 entries (of my choosing) were thrown into a hat and the winner drawn accordingly.

Jason Tucker

Thank you to Bob White and John Gierach, and Simms for your generous contributions to this contest. And thank you to the legions of Unaccomplished Angler readers for taking the time out of your busy lives to engage us with your presence.


  1. Jason Tucker

    Wow! Thanks Kirk! I haven’t won anything in some time, and I was afraid I had ruined my chances since that pic is the best I’ve ever seen of that hat. The competition was fierce, but I would like to assure my fellow contestants that mine is a truly awful hat that needed replacing. I’d like to thank you, Simms, Bob White, John Gierach, my mother, the Academy. . .

  2. Brian Koz

    very cool!! Congrats to Andrew and JT!! What an awesome contest and gathering of well used and travelled hats..
    Tight Lines,
    True North Trout

    • Kirk Werner

      A loser with class…what a rare quality. Thanks, Koz!

  3. Derek Young

    Well honey, I tried.

    • Kirk Werner

      And that’s all any of us can do. Besides, none the hats offered in the contest would have looked good with your dirty blonde mane.

  4. Andy Roth

    A shout-out to Senator Tucker for running a strong and honest campaign. Congratulations. A fine schwag pile you have hauled home. A Thank You, to Dr. Werner, Congressmen White, Representative Gierach and the lady who operates the Simms Schwag department. Your contributions are heartfelt and generous.
    As for me
    I won the Blue Ribbon !!!!!!!!!!! Hard to beat that!

    • Andy Roth

      Almost forgot.
      And the most sought after sticker in the industry!

      • Kirk Werner

        Uh, you can stop with the up-sucking now, Andy. You already won. Your gifts have already been mailed. As you were.

  5. Patrick

    At least my non-winning hat was free…

    • Kirk Werner

      You cheap son of a Yes, we all like a free hat.

  6. Jeff Holberg

    Congrats to the winners and thanks to Kirk for putting together such an interesting contest and raising our collective hat awareness.

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks, Jeff. It’s important to not take the matter of fishing hats too lightly. Awareness is essential.

  7. Howard Levett

    Hey congrats to the winners. This was a cool contest and fun to see the comments. Thanks Kirk.

  8. Gin Clear

    “Hats Off” to Jason and Andy! Great Contest Kirk.

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