I’ve been AWOL

I just realized the last post on the blog was way back on November 1st, 2016—last year.

That could mean one of a few things:

  1. I’ve been fishing a lot: I’ve been catching many winter steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, traveling to Patagonia (it’s summer there) to chase sea run brown trouts, and am currently in the tropics fishing for tropical species and drinking fruity drinks on the sandy beaches. I’m just not rubbing it in your faces writing about it.
  2. I spent the last two months in jail and was just released.
  3. I have recently entered the Witness Protection Program and am keeping a low profile.
  4. Who cares, really?
  5. Insert your own reason for my absence



  1. dean

    Nov. 1st to Jan. 18th… Not too long of an absence by my blogging standards. Welcome back, Kirk.

    • Kirk Werner

      Who said I’m back, Dean? I just stopped in because I forgot something…

  2. The River Damsel

    Ha! You’ve got me beat! My last post was on 11/28/16. I actually wrote something last night, posted it, edited it, and then poof! I guess that I accidently deleted it somehow… That’s what happens when you don’t write more often. Regarding your absence, I betting that football during Nov. and Dec. had you stuck in your lazy boy recliner… =)

    • Kirk Werner

      Wow, you’ve been away from your blog long enough that you forgot how to post! 😉

      I’m not much of a football guy. I like it, and I watch a few games, but with rare exception to I let it interfere with other more important things, like…well, other things. And I don’t have a Lazy Boy.


  3. Howard Levett

    My guess is you’ve been reaching for new levels of unaccomplishment in other endeavors.

    • Kirk Werner

      That’s a safe bet, Howard. Honestly, though, I haven’t been doing anything remotely interesting. I reckon that’s an unaccomplishment?

  4. Morris

    1.) you’ve been selected to run Trump’s transition team
    2.) you’ve decided to go gender neutral in 2017
    3.) you’re depressed and need to go fishing

    • Kirk Werner

      #1. How did you know?

  5. Bob Triggs

    Rumination season. Also known as the “Interim Eating Period.” This starts just before Thanksgiving, with the first appearance of holiday cookies, and extends through the New Year holiday party week, and always a little beyond. Then comes the Misgivings Interlude, wherein a sense of dread accompanies the realization that our new found diameter will interfere with our rowing stroke.
    Time for a nap.

    • Kirk Werner

      Your words are perhaps too eloquent for science, but you are spot on. We’re merely doing what bears do: gorging ourselves ahead of winter’s hibernation. Rest assured when you wake up, you’ll be hungry again. And quite possibly rather randy, because of Fall is time for gorging, Winter for sleeping, then Spring is certainly time for “recreation” (or, re-creation). Personally I’m content to sit that out anymore.

  6. Mark

    Dear UA,
    somewhere I”ve read that Alliens had kidnaped or handicaped you, but knowing your sense of smart, I was no afraid, and see you are ready, for your moral duty of trout- flyfishing propaganda.
    Happy with your return

  7. Mark

    OK , if you to stop posting, It will be a great loss for me,
    whatever you do, keep on, and be happy

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