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I’m posting this because I have been receiving a lot of  emails from people who offer basically the same thing. Occasionally I reply to their emails, telling them that I provide all content on my ad-free site, but most of the time I just hit the delete button. A week later I can always expect to receive a follow-up email inquiring as to whether or not I received their email.

To paraphrase a typical solicitation:

Hi UA,

I’m (insert name) and I write a blog called (insert blog name here). I’ve been reading your blog and I must say, you are not only a very handsome mann, but also very powerful. I really enjoy your awesome articles.

I’m writing to you because I am interesting in providing a guest article I’ve written titled, (insert article title here). I think it will be a great fit for your readers. I’m happy to also write something completely new if you prefer. Oh, and my article will be chock full of sponsored links, too. We’ll both get rich!

Please let me know—I look forward to hearing back from you!

Best regards,

(insert name here)
(insert website here)

If these folks really do read my articles (and my hunch is that they do not), they’ll see this one. And if not, I can simply paste a link to this notice in a reply to their email.

As you were.



  1. Mike Sepelak

    Yeah, there’s been a rash of it lately, hasn’t there? (Come to think of it, “rash” is a pretty good description.) I decline because their content is probably better written than mine and would make me look bad. (Worse?)

    Just say no.

    • Kirk Werner

      Without the intent of a pun, I’m confident that you’re selling yourself short, Mike. You write real good and I’d gladly have you guest post on the UA sometime, except for the fact that I don’t allow guest posts.

      • Mike Sepelak

        Aw shucks. You rite reel good to, sir.

        • Kirk Werner

          Lookit us havin’ our own little lovefest here 😉

  2. Leigh

    I’ve been getting them too. PITA.

    • Kirk Werner

      I reckon that it could be taken as either flattery or just an unwelcome invasion of time and space. Yeah, the latter.

  3. Mark

    Dear UA,
    many dudes are always trying to get to the heaven over one’s dead ass : ) don’t worry and ignore them 🙂

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