Adopt an Acre in the Northern Rockies

I interrupt the usual Weekly Drivel with something of substance and importance.

I was recently contacted by a gentleman by the name of Alan Parker, who wrote:

I’m trying to earn support for the Nature Conservancy. Unless there’s some sort of major environmental accident (like the BP spill) the environment usually isn’t the first thing on our minds.  To help raise awareness, a few friends of mine and I are trying to get small messages posted on sites like yours that encourage readers to get involved.   I have a specific piece of text referencing their efforts that I’d be looking to have posted on, and we’ve pooled some funds earned from freelance writing to compensate webmasters if needed.  Let me know if this is something you could help us out with, thanks!

I replied to Alan that I would be happy to consider this, and that there would be no money exchanged. I couldn’t imagine why someone would want to pay the Unaccomplished Angler I would accept money to post a message as important as this:

The Nature Conservancy and Dow’s Andrew Liveris are preserving fishing habitats in the Rockies. You can help too by adopting an acre.

Give it a look and let me know what you think.  I think the Conservancy is one of the most legitimate organizations out there, and I like that they allow you to have more control over what projects your donation would fund if any of your visitors followed the link and wanted to make a donation.  Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you, thanks again!



Alan, and others.  I think the Nature Conservancy is doing and has done some remarkable work to preserve places that are desperately deserving of our protection and preservation. I must admit that I am not intimately aware of all their work, but I’ve read about certain projects in the past and will certainly pay more attention looking forward.

Thanks, Alan, for bringing this to our collective attention.

Please take a minute to read up on the Nature Conservancy’s Northern Rockies Adopt an Acre program.


  1. Fred Telleen

    I’ve been up late downing a few malt beverages with some Canadian and Montana fishing guides. A full on blizzard is raging, so no worries about getting up to fish in the morning. Checking my feeds at this late hour, I’ve come across your post. The Nature Conservancy does great work. I have been involved with them in Alaska and they have some great projects in Montana and Wyoming that I have followed. Adopt an acre is brilliant! Tight Lines and may the wild stay wild!

    • Kirk Werner

      Sorry to hear of the raging blizzard, Fred- it’s Spring…uh, right? Raise a malt beverage to the Nature Conservancy!

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