Tropical Storm Kurt?

I first heard about it where any astute armchair meteorologist would get their news: Facebook.  My God Daughter alerted me to a developing Tropical Storm with this message:

[Updated 10:45 p.m. ET] Tropical Depression 11 rapidly intensified Tuesday evening and became the 11th named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, Tropical Storm Kirk, the National Hurricane Center said. Kirk is located in the middle Atlantic and is not likely to become a threat to land.

Oh, it’s Tropical Storm Kirk, not Kurt. My bad, easy mistake.

I wasn’t aware until then that the authorities had named a storm after me. Humbled by the gesture, I immediately set out to learn more. Googling “Tropical Storm Kirk” turns up a whole slough of weather maps such as the one above. I was slightly troubled that this image also appeared high in the search results:

Tropical Storm Skirt?

It appears that Kirk isn’t going to hit land and will remain just another offshore blowhard, responsible for little more than a few harmless wind knots at best.  Kirk is expected to peter out once he encounters cold waters of the North Atlantic. Watch the media reports carefully.  They’re likely to screw up and refer to it as Tropial Storm Kurt. Happens all the time.

Stay tuned.