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I’ve been blind-sided

Damn you Sanders!

Now I know how a blind person feels when they’ve been shamefully taken advantage of. There they sit with their  dark glasses on, minding their own business, when some punk-ass thug sneaks up on them and snatches a valued possession right out from under their unsuspecting nose. If the sightless victim is lucky they’ll have a seeing eye dog that will chase down the thief and rip their throat out.  I have no such seeing eye dog. In fact my dog Eddie is pretty much a lazy, worthless lay-by-the-door retriever. But I digress.

^^^ idea stealer ^^^

Before you close your browser window, please hear me out–I assure you that this has something to do with fly fishing. You see, I’d recently been laboring over a review I’ve been intending to write about a new pair of Revo sunglasses which will be my new favorite fish glasses. I had the outline in my head and was going to set aside an evening this week to scribe a formal review. It was going to be good, too.  And then a couple of days ago, what should my eyes behold but a review for Revo sunglasses over at Up the Poudre. Now, I wasn’t surprised to see Sanders writing a review for these shades. After all, manufacturers often reach out to popular bloggers for help in marketing their wares. Why they’ve approached the UA is beyond me, but who am I to judge?  Anyway, Sanders writes good, so I was eager to read his review.

Before I’d finished reading I was pounding the desk and yelling Sander’s name in outrage. I believe my outburst was actually, “Damnit, Sanders!  This is an outrage!”

What Sanders wrote was nearly identical to what I was planning to write, right down to referencing a specific other brand of sunglasses that I own, and like, except that they cause head pain. That was suppose to be MY angle.  I just can’t see forging ahead blindly with what I had planned to write because it would no longer be original. And nobody would believe me when I declare that the idea was mine first, and Sanders just ripped me off. Afterall, more people like Sanders than they do me. It would be a futile attempt to stake my claim. I’m not territorial. There’s room for the both of us in the blogashere.

At least the specific model of Revo sunglasses that I’ll be reviewing is different that those covered by Sander’s plagiarism review.

I assure you I am not bitter. It was my own fault for not getting to my review sooner. The early bird gets the worm, right?

Now where’s that throat-eating seeing eye dog when you need one?

A pant rant.

Over at Up The Poudre, blogkeeper Sanders inadvertently opened up a whole can of worms with his review of the Redington Sonic Pro Wading Pant.

Yes, you read correctly: Pant. Redington refers to the product in the singular:

In casual, everyday conversation we always refer to the garment in its plural form. When was the last time you heard someone say, “Hey, punk–pull up your damn pant!”?

A couple pairs of baggy pant.

We wear pants, or a pair of pants, but that doesn’t mean we’re wearing more than one even if we have two legs. If ever there were an instance where it should be referred to in the singular it would be the one-legged pirate, but even he wears pants.

Where does the plural come from?  Is it because one pant has two legs?  Fine. But if so then what about shirts?  A shirt has two sleeves and yet remains, in reference, a shirt. Singular. If you say to a person, “Hey, nice shirts!” it suggests they’re wearing more than one shirt. And maybe they are, although I can’t imagine why someone would need to wear multiple shirts. For the record a t-shirt worn under an outer shirt is acceptable.


The matter of shoes just adds fuel to the fire.  One shoe is just that: a shoe. Two shoes, or a pair of shoes, are plural, obviously. But shoes are different than pants. Shoes may be a pair, but they are individually separate, whereas pants are conjoined. Even though he wears only one pant, he’s not Spongebob Squarepant. Or is he?


When you buy a pair, you’re actually getting one. One way to make sure you’re getting more than one is to buy several pairs of pants, but who has that kind of money burning a hole in the pocket of their pant?

But back to the Redington Sonic Pro Wading…apparel. It’s an interesting “in-between” product and I can see the appeal for when you need some protection from the cold water but don’t want to end up panting in the heat while wearing a pair of full-on waders. Or is it wader?

It’s all so confusing and the complexity will drive you crazy if you let it. Or at least I speak for myself.

Anyway, Sanders clears up any confusion with a solid, honest review HERE.