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Open Fly Podcast, Show 3

Public stream access rights in Utah. What does that have to do with you if you don’t live in Utah? Why should you care?

Valid questions. However, stream access rights can be taken away with one swipe of the legislature’s pen and before you know it, waterways are no longer public domain. Imagine not being able to set foot on the stream bed, or even slow your boat using oars. It happened in Utah; it could happen in your state.

On Show #3 of The Open Fly Podcast we interview the folks at the Utah Stream Access Coalition and hear about their fight to pass a bill giving back rights to fish and recreate on waterways. They also need your help as fighting the good fight does not come without costs. To encourage your support, The Open Fly Podcast is offering up a chance for you to win some sweet raffle goods. If you donate $5 or more to the USAC, email your receipt to theopenflypodcast (at) gmail (dot) com. You will be entered into our next product giveaway. Donate by clicking HERE.

Northern Michigan’s own Brian “Koz” Kozminski

Also featured in our Guide Stories segment of the 3rd show is Michigan’s own Brian Kozminski. Koz talks about True North Trout and what it means to be a fly fishing guide near the ring finger of the Mitten State, plus more.

Listen to the podcast HERE. And thanks for your support.

There’s a new podcast in town

There are countless fly fishing-related podcasts from which to choose, if so inclined. I say “countless” because I’ve never counted them—I actually have no idea just how many there are. However, there’s only one that began just a few days ago in little old Duvall, WA: The Open Fly Podcast. And there’s only one podcast with standards so low that I’m allowed in the studio for recording sessions.

Inside the lavish studios of The Open Fly

The Open Fly was the brain child of Evan Burck, a neighboring buddy of mine who is a big wig at Allen Fly Fishing. Evan is a fishing machine and despite lacking the social skills necessary to thrive in every day life, he is a pretty smart dude. With a background in audio recording, he is the technical brains behind the podcast.

One of Evan’s first intelligent moves was to bring Derek Young onboard as a co-host. Derek has the social skills needed to carry the podcast, and with his background as a fly fishing guide—Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide of the Year for 2011, mind you—the show has some added credibility. Derek is owner of Emerging Rivers Guide Services, by the way.

The obvious question then becomes, why me?  Clearly a lapse in judgment on Evan’s part. Or perhaps it was due to the fact that he needed a logo for the new podcast (and didn’t want to pay someone to do it). There’s also the likely possibility that Evan and Derek needed a punching bag for the studio. Whatever the case may be, here I am: the Village Idiot of the Open Fly Podcast.

Despite the fact that we joke around a fair bit, we’re very serious about bringing a solid show each week, with conservation being a foremost and important consideration. Our first episode features Shane Anderson of North Fork Studios. Shane has produced a great documentary, “Wild Reverence: The Plight of the American Wild Steelhead.” This is a movie that needed to be made and shines the light on a very important topic. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Wild Reverence in the coming months as Shane promotes his film across the country at film festivals. Shane is passionate about fishing and conservation—it’s a great interview.

Another weekly segment is Guide Stories, in which Derek welcomes a different fly fishing guide to tell stories, share tips and generally endure the hot seat.  Our first episode features Hutch Hutchinson, regional business manager for Orvis, Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructor, and highly experienced guide. Not to mention a super nice guy.


Hey, Hutch—your fly is open!

If a good show isn’t enough to entice you to tune in, we’ll be giving away free stuff each week, too. Listen to find out how you can win an Alpha III reel size #4 from Allen Fly Fishing this week.

Our first episode, and any future episodes, can be found here : The Open Fly Podcast
And now available on iTunes: Click this link

Please give us a listen and pass the word. And remember, your Fly is Open.