Ross Reels recently posted an image of their new logo on their Facebook page and asked for people’s thoughts. I highly doubt they were expecting the type of feedback they received.  At the time of this writing there were 69 comments left in response to the logo above, which was posted along with this caption:

Here is the new ROSS logo folks! Tell us what you think! Here is the copy from our press release: “Ross’ history as a premier manufacturer of high quality fly reels, rods, complete outfits, cases, fishing pliers and other outdoor related products has not changed. We no longer are known as JUST a reel company. The new logo represents our commitment to superior fly fishing performance in everything we do!”

Of the 69 responses, only one was favorable. The critics ran the gamut from the obviously-socially-challenged-when-it-comes-to-good-manners crowd who said “It sucks”, to those who essentially communicated the same thing, though with some tact. My favorite comment came from a guy who said:

Nothing that Viagra can’t cure. Fire the artist and save some money.

One thing the average person doesn’t realize is that maybe the new logo is exactly what someone asked for. Without having seen the creative brief we can’t say whether it’s failure or not.  Maybe it’s exactly what the execs at 3M/Ross asked for, although let’s hope not.

I like Ross Reels. Their old logo occupies a spot on the rear window of my truck canopy. But I won’t be removing the old sticker and replacing it with the new one anytime soon.