The refrigerator in our last house was a Sub-Zero. It was an expensive, built-in unit, but it did a great job of keeping the beer (and food) evenly chilled year-round. So when I was offered an opportunity to try out a pair of Sub-Zero waders you can understand my hesitation: why would anyone want an expensive pair of refrigerated waders? I understand that it can get downright hot when fishing during the summer months, but that’s when it’s time to put the waders away and do a little wet wading, right?  Summer is, for me anyway, an opportunity to get those pasty white legs of winter a little color. If you get a little hot, just wade a little deeper; problem solved. Refrigerated waders seem to me a niche item that I have zero interest in. I’m not likely to shell out any amount of money on a pair of refrigerated waders; just doesn’t make sense to m—

What’s that?

Oh, got it. The waders aren’t actually refrigerated?

Never mind.

Apparently I’ve got my Sub Zero brands confused. These new waders are from Redington, and are called SubZero for the opposite reason of the well-known refrigerator brand. The marketing folks at Redginton assert that their new waders will keep you warm when fishing in sub-zero temperatures. Right then, that changes everything.

I’m going to have to take these waders our for a spin. Fortunately there’s no shortage of cold weather, so stay tuned.