During this past summer of my discontent, I wrote of plans cancelled, dreams dashed, accomplishments unaccomplished. Of the several things I missed out on, missing out on one event in particular still haunts me. I was invited to partake of a very special opportunity not only to fish with a bunch of great folks who I’ve wanted to meet in person for a long time, but to witness the filming of  A Deliberate Life, a film being produced by Matt Smythe and Grant Taylor.

Despite my lack of attendance somehow the folks who were there managed to have a great time and the crew captured some incredible film. And in the time since then they’ve been very busy in the editing room, matching the footage to an introspective narrative that touches the soul. Just released is the official trailer for A Deliberate Life, which has been selected as a feature film for the 2013 International Fly Fishing Film Festival. I cannot wait to see the entire film, but I’ll have to wait until sometime next Spring to do so.  Check the IF4 schedule to see when the show rolls into a town near you—2013 dates don’t appear to have been posted yet.

Set primarily against the diverse, rugged and breathtaking landscape of Idaho and Oregon, A Deliberate Life explores the stories of five unlikely friends who share the same love of fly fishing and the outdoors and their choice to lead a life according to their passions.

Read more about A Deliberate Life—the project and the people behind it—here: Silo4