I picked up a newsfeed for a blog I’d never visited before- something caught my eye and I wanted to examine things a bit more closely.

Over at Fishing Tomorrow under the “Funny Fishing Pictures” category I saw something that, while it may be mildly amusing, did not make me laugh. There is nothing funny about copyright infringement, I’ll tell you that right now.

What exactly do I allege to have been infringed upon?  The Unaccomplished Angler, that’s what. Look at the “Funny Picture” below.

Exhibit A: The Happy Fisherman


Now look at the logo of the Unaccomplished Angler:

Exhibit B: The Unaccomplished Angler

Let’s examine each design more closely:

  • Exhibit A depicts a silhouette of a fisherman (a happy one at that) wearing a goofy hat and holding what appears to be a fishing machete(?).
  • Exhibit B depicts a silhouette of an angler (an unaccomplished one at that) wearing a lucky fishing hat and holding what is clearly a fly rod.
  • Exhibit A shows a fish, also drawn as a silhouette. The fish may (or may not) be happy.
  • Exhibit B shows a fish, also drawn as a silhouette. The fish is happy (in fact it is laughing)
  • Exhibit A depicts a fisherman standing erect upright in the water.
  • Exhibit B depicts an angler standing more or less upright, though slumped over, in the water.
  • Exhibit A suggests that the fisherman is using bait.
  • Exhibit B suggests that the angler should have perhaps used bait.

Now think what you will, but I think the resemblances are uncanny–certainly too close to be a mere coincidence. I’ll take my chances that a judge will rule in my favor.  The Happy Angler will see The Unaccomplished Angler in court. Then we’ll see who’s laughing.