You want a piece of me?

After posting the decision to rebrand the Unaccomplished Angler with a new logo, scores of a couple people indicated that they wanted a piece of me—in the form of stickers, that is.

As you know if you’ve been reading the UA blog for a while, I do like me some fly fishing stickers and even wrote extensively long windedly about it HERE. Mrs. UA doesn’t share my enthusiasm for stickers, and thinks my ever-expanding obsession selection goes a bit too far. Well, that’s her opinion and she’s entitled to it. Doesn’t mean I agree, and I don’t.  The problem with stickers is that once you start, where do you stop? I’ve been as of yet unable to determine that but I suppose when I can no longer see out the rear window of the canopy on the Fish Taco, I’ll have to make the decision to stop. Or start slathering the side windows. Likely the latter. For now, I have more room, and one of the vacant spots was recently taken up by yes, the all new…

Unaccomplished Angler stickers!

Perhaps some of you were lucky enough to receive stickers of the old UA logo, which were produced in very limited numbers and never made available for public consumption on a widespread basis.  Well, like the old logo, the limited offering of stickers is also a thing of the past.

unaccomplished angler logo

I ordered a very modest supply of 50 stickers to start.  I’d be surprised if 5 people wanted stickers, let alone 50. But if by chance they’re deemed popular and fly off the shelves faster than Skwala dry flies in March, I’ll place another order. The stickers themselves are high quality vinyl, 3 inches round. You can get yours for $3.50 which includes postage. All proceeds from the sale of Unaccomplished Angler stickers go straight into my pocket- no charitable work or contributions to a good cause. You’ll just be helping fund my fishing habit. Might be enough to pay for gas, one way, on my next ill-fated trip to the Yakima River. See that tab at the top of the page? The one that says “Stickers- Get some!“?  Click it.  It’ll take you to the ordering page.

On another note, if you do want to feel good about your purchase, I’ve also got a very limited quantity of Olive the Woolly Bugger stickers left. They’re $3.00 each and all proceeds of these 4 inch oval stickers goes directly to Casting 4 A Cure. You can purchase Olive stickers over at

So, what do ya say- do you want a piece of me?


  1. Fred Telleen

    This is my second comment try, submitted from my not smart phone. Seems I picked up a public school wifi connection and your blog got me booted off. Anyway…Love the new logo, but I don’t know if it would send the right message on my boat. I’ll have to think about it, but best of luck on your sales.

    • Kirk Werner

      Well, Fred, you’ve clearly got some soul-searching to do. Not to worry, I’m sure there’ll be stickers a-plenty to go around for a long time to come should you ever decide that you don’t have any self respect or worry what your clients think 😉

  2. Owl Jones

    I’ll trade you an OJDC one when I have ’em made?

    • Kirk Werner

      Sorry Owl, I ain’t tradin’ chickens, goats, or stickers- cash only transaction. But if you buy one of mine I’ll buy one of yours when the time comes.

      • Owl Jones

        Kirk, that makes no sense. But …OK. 😉

  3. Fontinalis Rising

    got to get me some. I’ll send you a proto FR sticker as well.

  4. The Trout Underground

    So you retire, then start up again – with new stickers at the ready?

    You didn’t by any chance hire a new publicist, did you? Just asking…

    • Kirk Werner

      You assertion suggests that I may be either clever, wealthy enough for a publicist, or something. I assure you that is not the case. Logos are a dime a dozen when you hire a 15 year old from India to do the work for $27 USD

  5. Paul

    Got mine, soon to be shunned by my friends along the rivers of Alberta

    • Kirk Werner

      Paul, you won’t be shunned, rather pitied and taken in like a lost puppy. Friends with drift boats will come out of the woodwork. Everyone will want to take you fishing…because everyone likes to fish with an unaccomplished angler. It’s not unlike choosing a slower hiking partner than yourself when you go into bear country: you don’t have to be a good fisherman- just better than the guy you’re fishing with.

  6. Flyhatch

    I got one for myself because I really like the new logo and a few others to stick to a few boats that are owned by best friends that deserve the sticker as a showpiece. I have to say I will probably not tell them until the glue really sets though…..

    • Kirk Werner

      Good man, Greg. Friends need friends who place unapproved UA stickers on their belongings 😉 Stickers are on their way…

  7. chuck

    Steelhead fisherman get spanked all the time! If they say they don’t they’re lying! I only feel really bad about getting spanked if everyone else is doing good . We have a lot of days where only one of us gets a fish – it’s a reflection of the lack of fish not the lack of skill!

    Now, having said that; I had a day a few years ago where I lost five fish in row on the Grand in Ohio! That’s a long trip home in the truck with a guy that is merciless for a partner! Ha!

    • Kirk Werner

      All this talk of spanking has me thinking that we better clarify one thing: we are talking about getting bested by fish. OK, now that we have cleared up…

  8. cofisher

    I got my sticker Kirk, thanks. It’s working already…an 80 year old lady came up to me at the grocery store, looked at the sticker, then at me, shook her head and said, “Kirk, you’re an A-hole!”

    • Kirk Werner

      I get that a lot, Howard. I’m sorry it has spilled over into your world as well.

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