Yellowstone Tourists Behaving Badly (again)

Things only seem to be getting worse for Yellowstone. There have been so many reports of tourist idiocy lately that it simply boggles the mind. I posted about some of the incidents here:

Idiots invade Yellowstone

More Yellowstone Idiots: the Firehole Rangers ride again


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.42.29 PM

Screen shot of video from Backcountry Image Photography by Andrew Kane


And yet, the madness persists.  This video posted on Facebook just leaves me shaking my head. In the comments for the video someone used the term “Tourons” to describe these Tourist Morons.

Tourons. Brilliant.  Now what we need are t-shirts,  the proceeds from which benefit Yellowstone National Park.

If these Tourons keep it up, the Park will be forced to close its gates to the public and only offer guided tours.

Stop the madness. Stop the Tourons.



  1. Patrick Konoske

    For years there have been proposals that close Yosemite to all private vehicles and shuttle visitors in and out. I say remove roads, let Mother Nature reclaim national park lands. If you want to see it, you’ll have to hike or backpack in. I’m sure that would dramatically reduce the “tourons” who make it in. Those who do just might not make it out. Sort of a win-win.

    • The Fading Angler

      i nominate Patrick for President of the United States.

      • Kirk Werner

        He’d have my vote. I’ve met him twice and fished with him once. Aside from not liking cheap beer (the kind I drink), he’s a sold guy.

    • Kirk Werner

      As the Fading Angler said, You for President.

  2. Howard Levett

    Brilliant idea that needs some legs! I’d buy one in a heartbeat!

  3. The Fading Angler

    There is one sure and ultimate solution to the problem: the Yellowstone super volcano caldera is due for a full eruption any millennia now.

    Lights, camera, …

    Or just cue the next massive ELE meteorite. Boom.

    And yet, the Firehole Rangers emerge unscathed and arrive at the Ho Hum Motel the following June, wondering…

    “What the #@$% happened here? Do we still have to pay for nonresident licenses?”

    • Kirk Werner

      Yep, when that thing blows it’s going to do away with a lot of problems, and not just the ones pertaining to acts of tourist stupidity. Chances are the Ho Hum would still stand—it has a forcefield around it consisting of high concentrations of cat urine. It’s like it has its own atmosphere.

  4. ben

    It seems yellowstone in particular seems to draw in these “tourons” from far and wide. I know they are certainley elsewhere as well.

    • Kirk Werner

      Yellowstone is like the giant pot roast set out in the sun, attracting flies. And a lot of them are stupid flies, unfortunately.

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