Trifecta of Smokin’ Hot Fly Fishing Babes

When I saw the photo below posted on a popular social media website, my first thought was, “That should be an album cover.”

The photo had  54 comments, well over 160 “likes” and at least 16 “shares” at last glance.  And for good reason. After all, the composition is excellent, and what’s not to like about three friends geared up to do a bit of fly angling? Good, wholesome fun.

The fact that nearly all the comments were from men comes as little surprise, however. Men are predictable animals. Not all men, mind you, but most. Gotta be careful about generalizations. Post a photo of women fishing and the guys come out of the woodwork.

Some critics will accuse me of shamefully posting a photo of three beautiful ladies for the sole purpose of getting hits on my website, and to those I would say, “I resemble resent those remarks.”

First of all, I am a blogger of integrity and would never post any content just for the sake of increased traffic. And personally, when I look at this photo all I see are fly fishermen—just three people—period. I am gender-blind.

So let’s keep the criticism to yourselves.

Just three fly fishermen, period.

Featured in the photo may or may not be in any particular order or lack thereof: Rebecca Garlock of the Outdooress blog, Rachel Morgan, and Aileen Ellis of MK Flies. (Photo taken in Idaho by Anonymous. While requested, no GPS coordinates were provided.)


  1. Fontinalis Rising

    Oh lord, I don’t want to be the first person to comment on this, BUT, where are the fish pictures?

    • Kirk Werner

      Fish? Oh, right. Sorry, what were we talking about?

  2. aileen

    Yup, just a trio of fly fishers. =)

    • Kirk Werner

      With big knees.

      • Rebecca

        We call those the trademark Simms Umpire knees. Apparently the industry thinks we need extra protection around the knee area.

  3. Ross aka the flytyinfreak Slayton

    Nice pic. Rebeccah is one fish catchin diehard. I know I’ve seen her in action, and from what I have seen of Aileen’s flies I know she has a thing for trout and catching ’em. I have yet to fish with Rachel but then again theres a lot of cool people I have yet to fish with, ain’t that right Kirk?

    • Kirk Werner

      You don’t wanna fish with me, Ross. I’m like bananas in a boat. Bad Joo-Joo. However, I want to fish with you one of these days. Until then, I shall fish with your flies!

  4. David G

    Um… From here it looks like someone is packing heat. I think you are mistaken. Those are 3 gangsters.

    • Kirk Werner

      Yes, they are not a threesome I’d care to run into on a river in the middle of nowhere. Ever.

    • aileen

      Rachel and I are kinda like Rebecca’s body guard. Of course we pack heat – gotta protect ourselves from the 2-legged creatures.

      • Kirk Werner

        So Rebecca has an entourage? Not surprising. 😉

    • Rebecca

      Best Bodyguards Ever…

      • David G

        Pfft! Guns are for girls! …wait.

  5. The River Damsel

    Ok…I will comment here. As a fellow errr…chica flyfisher… I was nearby the “undisclosed” location of this picture. And yes, these chicas can fish (and shoot) better than “Charlie’s Angels”. Might I also add, that I felt more comfortable fishing near Rachel with that added “protection” from coyotes or rattlesnakes! = ) And fish pictures, FR… Thursday.

    • Kirk Werner

      Must see more fish photos…

  6. cofisher

    I applaud you Sir Kirk for I re-posted on said social media because it was such a great picture, not only for the composition or because the three young ladies look great in waders, but because they are shining examples of what our sport is about…an equal opportunity pastime.

    • Kirk Werner

      Three young ladies, Howard? As I said, I see just three fly anglers. With big knees. Maybe I need glasses.

  7. Chuck Atkins

    Totally contrived picture. Why do I know? Because I have never seen this on a river in 20 years! Never!

    • Susan

      Not contrived at all, just my cousin and her friends doing there thing!

    • Ross aka the flytyinfreak Slayton

      What river do you fish? I see stuff like this quite a bit, well not “3 hot fly chica’s” but plenty of flyfisherwomen.

      • aileen

        Actually, we were shopping a the mall. Isn’t technology amazing?

        • Kirk Werner

          You’re just being a wisecrack now, Aileen. This site is sno place for sarcasm.

          • aileen

            I thought this post was becoming way too serious.

          • Kirk Werner

            Yes, that is often a problem here on the UA. We need to lighten things up a bit.

    • Kirk Werner

      Ah, Chuck—you old curmudgeon. What would we do without you around to liven things up a bit?

  8. Rebecca

    Well Kirk, with a blog title like that, you’ll be seeing an influx of wayward internet travelers. Google will hook you up in no time.

    That’s us, just 3 anglers, doing our thing =)

    • Kirk Werner

      Well, I don’t like to brag or count my money while I’m sittin’ at the table, but the UA had the biggest day statistically in quite a while after posting this entry. Site sponsors can’t be far behind…thanks for the fodder 🙂

      • aileen

        It’s all in the knees.

  9. Brian Schiele

    I want to fish there with one or all three of them!

    • Kirk Werner

      And then there would simply be four fly angling persons.

  10. Sanders

    I read this post the first time because you told me not to…I re-read it just now because you told me not to. I’ll read it again if you tell me not to…a battle of wills if you will.

    • Kirk Werner

      You are clearly the rebellious type, Sanders.

  11. Kevin Breen

    Bad, Bad, Me….this is how I should be doing this…cudos (sp) to Kaptain Kirk..for setting me straight…gotta keep this website up and running any way I can help….keep up the great work, Kirk…and yes it’s cooler in NM….be up your way on the 19th-28th…fishing the Yak with my brother on the 21st-23rd…tight lines…to all…

    • Kirk Werner

      Now you’re gettin’ it 🙂 Thanks for the comment.Hope the Ice Princess Yakima treats you more kindly than she typically treats me!

  12. Kevin Breen

    Grew up in Yak…missing the fishing…and whether or not the “Ice Princess” treats us well and gives up her trove of Rainbows or not…I’ll be with my Brother doing what I like to do best….slinging dries….maybe even with a dropper…

  13. Kevin Breen

    …still working on trying to cop my wife’s ipad….might just have to break donw and get my own…but then that Might defer the purchase of my new Waders and Ross Evolution Reel! Priorities….sheesh!

    • Kirk Werner

      Well, I wouldn’t want to get in your way of buying new gear…btw, check out the Redington Sonic Pro zipper waders. I have a pair and they’re pretty sweet. Won’t break the bank, either.

  14. Rebecca & Rachel & Aileen


    You should know, all three of the trifecta are sitting here, reading this post again and catching up on the comments.

    You owe us =)

    • Kirk Werner

      Well, now, isn’t that special. Send me more pics. The first time was good for my Google Analytics. Second time should be even better, but the third time will be the charm.

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