The Traveling Corrugated Angler

It all started as a friendly joke, I think.  Or maybe I lost a bet, I’m not sure. At any rate, a poorly-drawn, not-to-scale cardboard rendition of the Unaccomplished Angler first made it’s appearance a few weeks ago over at Rebecca Garlock’s Outdooress blog.  I found it to be mildy amusing and wrote about it here. Like any cheezy, ill-conceived fad, I assumed it would die out and my cardboard alter ego would end up in the trash bin.

Apparently I’ve been recycled.

I’m not sure what’s in store for me, but I am now in a small town somewhere in Michigan where Jason Tucker over at the Fontinalis Rising blog has me holed up in a “guest” room all day long while he’s off at work. I don’t know what constitutes hospitality in other parts of the country, but out here in the Pacific Northwest one does not invite someone to go fishing, only to get them all jacked up on caffeine before leaving them locked inside the house all day. I want to go fishing, or at least spend a day seeing the sights.

Stay tuned for who knows what. Bloggers are an odd bunch.


  1. cofisher

    Kirk, I promise you that when the Unaccomplished Tour makes it to Colorado, I’ll get you out on the water!

    • Kirk Werner

      Howard, I’m looking forward to coming to Colorado, but I’m not sure that I’ll ever get out of Michigan at this point…

  2. David G

    After locking you up in a guest room hopped up on caffeine, he should have at least given you a Rubik’s Cube or something. I’m really interested to see how this ends up. Maybe someone will invest in your lamination.

  3. Fred Telleen

    If you get tired of the split personality, just send corrugated Kirk with me to Alaska. A little salmon blood on your torso and a little quiet time on the river bank for Ursus Arctos to smell you out; problem solved.

    • Kirk Werner

      They say that authors become famous/rich only after their death, so this could be just the sales boost my books need.

      Headlines: Unaccomplished Angler mauled to death by bear.

      No need to tell the whole story about it being the corrugated unaccomplished angler. Ship me off to Alaska for the summer!

  4. Harry

    I suspect that this just may snowball & you will start turning up in some strange places. All in the name of good clean fun (at your expense).

    • Kirk Werner

      I guess that’s a risk I’m willing to take. No matter what, it’ll be an adventure, albeit a virtual one.

  5. Flyfishermanrichard

    Hello Kirk.

    I’m always impressed with pro style websites. Your is excellent I must say!

    I hope you will look at mine, and follow if you have time?

    Kind Regards.

    • Kirk Werner

      Richard, thanks for stopping by the back room and leaving the nice comments. Not sure that the UA represents a “pro style website” but I’ll accept the compliment 😉 I did check out your site and am officially a follower now! Cheers, and good fishing to you and your new 4 legged partner!

  6. Rebecca

    Poorly drawn…not to scale….

    Well if that’s all the gratitude I get for taking you steelhead fishing where you actually caught a steelhead (in a fashion) then next time I’ll have to voodoo doll ya up or something…….


    • Kirk Werner

      Sorry, Rebecca- I’m an art snob and can’t help myself. It’s one of my many flaws. But thanks for dragging me around all day.

  7. Dylan Rose

    I was thinking “poorly drawn”? I don’t think I could draw lines that straight if the fate of my yet unborn child depended on it. In actuality the symmetry, smooth curves, and the carefully drooped legs on the K’s suggest a rather profound affinity for the UA in my estimation. It’s just a good thing the effigy came from Rebecca and not some psycho UA fan wanting to prove their undying love to you Kirk! The Internet is a strange place you know!

    • Kirk Werner

      Dylan, I was perhaps a bit harsh in my critique of the artwork. As I apologized to Rebecca, I let my snootiness get the better of me sometimes. In her defense I suppose it wasn’t poorly drawn, just done so in a very elementary style. On the other hand, it sounds like you really suck as a visual artist. But no doubt you have other fine talents…bring your sax sometime and play us a little Kenny G.

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