This is the last Thursday night I’m going to have my arse growing roots into the chair in front of my computer, frantically trying to make up compose some sort of eloquent prose filler material for a fly fishing blog. Because of my self-induced Friday deadlines, you can imagine the quality programming I’ve missed on Thursday nights for the past year and a half.  Good hell, I have lost touch what is going on over at Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice! It’s time I got myself a life. Time I spent some time with my wife, sitting three feet apart, watching television and texting each other on our iPhones (“Get me some popcorn, woman–and a beer!”…”LOL like that’s going to happen.”). The foundation of a strong marriage lies in the quality time spent together. I seek more of that quality, at last on Thursday nights.

No, I am not retiring. Again. Believe you me, I would not put you through that, again. However, the winds of change are a-blowin’ and we all know that wind is not the fly angler’s friend. And frankly sometimes change is bad. That being said I assure you the wind is not the howling gale that blows a drift boat upstream in the Yakima Canyon, nor should the change cause any angst. It may just in fact be a nice cooling breeze, so sit back and relax. Think about fishing, or something else.

All that’s happening is that the Weekly Drivel® of the Unaccomplished Angler is moving to the middle of the week…smack dab on the hump.  You know, Wednesdays. It’s not a big deal (and no, as tempting as it may be it will not become known as the Weekly Hump®). While the changes should be virtually invisible, I do realize that most of you plan your weeks around the Drivel®, intentionally leaving a gap in your Friday schedules so that you can read the UA when new material is posted each week. I apologize for the inconvenience, but remember– just because it’s coming out on Wednesday doesn’t mean you have to read it right away. You can continue to read it on Fridays.  It’ll just be like a two day-old fish by then. That was left out on the counter. During the heat of summer.

So, I’ll see you all next Wednesday.  And Mrs. UA – get the popcorn ready on Thursday night. I’ll send you a text as a reminder.


PS- My friend Derek Young was just honored as the 2011 Guide of the Year at the Orvis Outfitters and Guide Rendezvous in Bozeman. Congrats, Derek, on a well-deserved award. Now get a hair cut.