I’m usually pretty humble, out of necessity.  After all, one does not title their blog “The Unaccomplished Angler” if they plan to boast of their keen angling prowess, that’s for sure. However, I recently achieved an honor that I must brag blatantly about: I am a Master Bug Chucker.

It’s true, and I have the award, signed by Lefty Crayfish, to show for it:

No, I am not perfect, and there is always room for improvement. But I’m pretty proud of my achievement to date.  I vow to not grow complacent in my mastery; I’ll keep at it, chuckin’ bugs in quest of a flawless score and avoiding the skunk.

If you have an iPad, you’ll soon be able to test your skills as well. Stay tuned.

Coming soon to an App Store near you.