As a favor to the good folks who publish the online magazine, Kype, I’m posting here a bit of news that you all can help with, if so inclined. Kickstarter is a great tool for raising $$$ for worthy projects. I was able to raise money to help in the production of the Olive the Woolly Bugger and Chuckin’ Bugs apps, so I know the level of appreciation that comes with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Check out what George Douglas of Kype is striving to achieve here, then consider contributing. In the meantime, check out the current issue of Kype, provided for you free-of-charge in the right sidebar of this blog. Scroll down a ways, it’s right there. The latest issue has The Beard (aka Marc “Rowdy” Crapo of featured on the cover. Do NOT click the photo below. That won’t get you anywhere. Click the image in the sidebar—that’s what you’re looking for.


I told you not to click this.



Author and Publisher, George Douglas has just completed his latest fly fishing project ! Five hundred years of experience compiled in one amazing book—the stories, techniques, and flies of the top American & Canadian Fly Fishing Guides. We’d like to refer to them as the “Sweet Sixteen”…April Vokey, Loren Williams, Scott Howell, Lori-Ann Murphy, & Scott O’Donell just to name a few. The foreword is written by Dec Hogan — and all the step by step fly patterns were recreated and photographed by Dec Hogan and Marty Howard. This book is sure to be a classic in the fishing industry for years to come…Be a part of this project and pre-order your copy at:


PS- for some reason, I am not included in this book.