Forgive the headline–it was a shameful act intended for no other reason than to get your attention. Ahem. Lefty Kreh actually said that Tenkara is a fad.

I personally don’t have any strong feelings about Tenkara, period. Fad or not, it is what is is. However, there’s been a great deal of buzz throughout the fly fishing world this past week with regard to what the legendary Lefty Kreh said about Tenkara. Anyone with a website that doesn’t feature the words, “Lefty Kreh Tenkara fad” is missing out on some great Google Analytics opportunities. All the kids are doing it:

Windknots & Tangled Lines
Field and Stream
Fontinalis Rising
Roderick Hawg-Brown
Eat More Brook Trout
Owl Jones
Mystic Waters
 (a shamefully late entry, posted even after the UA went to press, for no other reason than to get some Google love)

So, count me in.  While perhaps a bit late, I’ll jump on that bandwagon. And I’ve even got some pictures, of Lefty Kreh, Tenkara, and “only a fad”! I want some of those hits, if there are any leftovers 😉

lefty kreh tenkara is a fad