I like saving a nickel, but I also like nice things. Often times that puts me in a bit of a bind.

A few weeks ago, after jonesin’ for a pair of Korkers Fisherman’s Mocs (which I did not get for Christmas or my birthday this year as requested), I finally pulled the trigger.

I found a pair of size 8’s on Ebay for ten bucks less than the MSRP of $79.95. So I bought them. When they arrived it became immediately clear that they were way too small for my feet. Length was fine, however I have not only a wide foot, but a high instep as well. There was no way I was going to make these work.

I hear your simple advice already,”Don’t fret, UA—just send them back!”

Uh, right. Well, not quite. You see, in my haste to save ten bucks I bought them from a private Ebay seller. No returns.

Stupid stupid stupid.

So I figured I would try to sell them on a popular fly fishing forum with an active classified section. While I have not yet at the time of this writing sold the Mocs, the banter did pretty entertaining. Tough crowd.

Enter Korkers Customer Service, who got wind of my situation and offered to send me a size 9 at no cost to me.

What can I say about that?  Pretty amazing customer service if you ask me, since this was something I brought on myself. And what of the new shoes? Do they fit like a glove? Thankfully, no. But they do fit my feet nicely and I am rather enjoying them.

Thanks Korkers, and thanks also to Jen from Fly Fishilicious for your help.

Happy Feet