Years ago, when I was young and idealistic, I had dreams of being a syndicated cartoonist. I used to draw a single panel cartoon strip which I called abserd, in which I took fairly common daily things and put a certain ridiculous spin on them, or took advantage of what I saw were obvious puns. Often the theme was rather, well, absurd. My strip was published in a local paper, but nothing beyond that. Eventually the demands of a real job caused my cartoon ambitions to wane, and my abserd days fell by the wayside. My downfall may have also been that I lacked the talent to overtake Gary Larsen in popularity. After all, The Far Side had a stronghold on American pop culture at the time.

Well, as they say, you can take the boy out of cartooning, but you can’t take the cartooning out of the boy. To that end I’ve recently rekindled the flame, sort of. I’ve decided to publish a line of greeting cards (mostly fishing themed) and put them out there for public consumption ridicule. I’ve only got three cards available right now (2 of which have fish themes), but will be adding to the collection as I get time and inspiration. Or, this idea may also die a quiet death.

In a previous blog entry I talked about the 1987 Christmas card that I recently breathed new life into. I’m happy to say that since I added this card to, I’ve sold over fifteen (15) copies. Woo Hoo!

With Christmas nearing, you too can send this card out to friends and family. Be sure to order today so you have it in time to send it to your friends who support PETA:


OK, it’s December 16th. With only 9 days until Christmas, admittedly it may be too late to be able to order the above cards and get them sent out to your list of recipients for this year (but there’s always next year, right?  Be proactive). However, your procrastination can be rewarded, as the following card is suitable as a Happy New Year greeting. Or, it can also be used as a birthday card, anniversary, etc. I was surprised when recently someone ordered a sizable quantity of these (way more than 15). I’m guessing that it was probably a friend of mine taking pity on me. I guess I’ll know for sure if I receive one in the mail:

Inside Caption: "Here's to another great year."


While every occasion needs a card, not every card needs an occasion. For example, maybe you have a steelhead fisherman in in your life who is in need of some encouragement? For that matter, every steelhead fisherman needs encouragement. Surely you must know a steelhead fisherman who is lacking the requisite 1000 casts between fish:

Maybe in time I will sell enough cards to at least pay for the hosting of my blog. The commissions paid are rather unimpressive–even less than the royalties paid to book authors, so please take pity: consider buying a card, even if only so you can send one to me. I’m nowhere near the 1000th cast needed before I catch my next steelhead, and I could use some encouragement.

To do so, click HERE.