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In our conservation segment we talk with the folks behind the organization, Fish Not Gold. They’re taking on the unregulated suction dredge mining that’s causing considerable damage to Washington streams—streams that are fragile habit for many endangered anadromous fish. This isn’t just a local issue to Washingtonians, but is something folks from as far away as the New England states should be aware of. It’s an interesting and enlightening interview.


Instead of Guide Stories, on this show we talk about the evolution of the modern drift boat with Shelly Ehmer of Adipose Boatworks in Helena, Montana, and Link Jackson of StreamTech Boats in Boise, Idaho. Hear from two manufacturers that are producing  drift boats with very unique capabilities.

And listen carefully for details for a tying contest we’re holding. Tie the Open Fly logo and submit your entries for a chance to win an Open Fly Podcast t-shirt. Fire up the vices, time’s a wastin’!